PS3 Online Servers Reportedly Shutting Down In 2024

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Goodbye, Old Friend!

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  • A report states Sony is moving on from the PS3 in 2024.
  • An update will end online gaming and PlayStation Store support on the console.
  • Sony already intended to cut support in 2021, so it was only a matter of time before it made the final decision.

The PS3 was Sony’s third major gaming console and became its most divisive piece of hardware. While it offered arguably the best library of PlayStation games and came with new technology like Blu-Ray support, Sony made various missteps throughout its lifespan.

Ultimately, the console became a fan-favorite after recovering in the latter part of its lifespan. This is also why Sony continues to support it today, but a report states that PS3’s online services will be shut down soon.

Why it matters: Last year’s PlayStation leaks confirmed a user base of around 2 million for this system. By moving on, Sony would be abandoning millions of PlayStation gamers.

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The information comes from PS blog, which reports that one final update for the console is coming up in 2024. The report does not specify when this update will go live, but it outlines the services that will be impacted.

Once updated, the PS3 will lose access to online gameplay and the PlayStation Store. This will be a major blow to the community since there is a small but dedicated fandom that still enjoys this nostalgic era.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony does not offer much of an alternative for PS3 fans. While the Xbox 360 storefront will also be shut down soon, many backward-compatible games will remain available through the Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X.

In doing so, Sony will kill off the one platform that still offers free online gaming once this update goes live. We aren’t the biggest fans of subscriptions for basic online functionalities, so the PS3 has a special place in our hearts.

PlayStation 3 PS3
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What makes this report believable is the fact that Sony already intended to move on from PS3 support as early as 2021. However, the gaming giant quickly backtracked after fan outcry.

While this gave the online services a temporary lifeline, support was never guaranteed forever. This meant that online services shutting down was a matter of when but not if. Still, it might be worth taking this information with a grain of salt.

If the report is accurate, the PS3 had a solid run for nearly two full decades. During this time, the console faced ups and downs but continued to go head-to-head with Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Even without Sony’s support, we expect the system’s legacy to live on, thanks to its dedicated community that cherishes the experiences this generation of PlayStation curated for multiple years.

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