Nintendo Switch 2 To Be Less Powerful Than Steam Deck, Says Analyst

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DLSS Will Be The Wildcard For Switch 2!

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  • Various leaks about the Nintendo Switch 2 have provided a rough benchmark for the console’s hardware and performance.
  • Analysts expect it to fall behind the Steam Deck in terms of raw hardware.
  • However, performance might be on par or better due to optimizations tailored to its specifications.

While there hasn’t been any official information about the Nintendo Switch 2, leaks have already confirmed so much about the handheld that analysts have deduced rough performance targets and hardware specifications.

Nintendo is expected to launch the console next year, but it might not be the most cutting-edge handheld on the market. Analysts expect it to fall behind Valve’s Steam Deck, though this may not matter much.

Why it matters: Steam Deck was released over two years ago, and Valve is already planning to work on the next console-like experience.

YouTube video

In a recent YouTube video, Digital Foundry discussed the relative performance target of the Nintendo Switch 2. Richard Leadbetter stated that Nintendo is unlikely to match Valve’s handheld next year.

I don’t buy this concept that it’s going to be more powerful than Steam Deck.

-Digital Foundry

However, Digital Foundry also discussed that this won’t be a huge problem.

This is because, unlike the Steam Deck, the Nintendo Switch 2 will receive games specifically designed for the hardware. Developers will also be able to utilize tools like DLSS to work around the technical challenges.

Therefore, in real-world experience, the power gap won’t be as big of a deal. The original Nintendo Switch already had a slew of impressive ports that allowed the console to punch above its weight.

Digital Foundry argues that this would also be the case for its successor.

Nintendo Switch 2
Nintendo Switch 2 Is Likely Coming Next Year

We think a direct comparison of Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch 2 is not too viable since both of them are based on different architectures. As reported earlier, the Nintendo Switch 2 should still be ahead of last-generation consoles in multiple ways.

This would allow it to offer a much better experience than one would expect from handhelds. Furthermore, battery life should be much better compared to the Steam Deck since Nintendo has always prioritized longer play sessions.

While some might find the analysis disappointing, we remain hopeful for the Nintendo Switch 2. If the console is anything like its predecessor, it will be propelled further by an excellent library of games.

The gaming giant has shown time and again that prioritizing fun above all else is its biggest strength, and we don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

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