GTA 5 Actor Says Trevor Story DLC Was Partly Done Before Being Scrapped

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Trevor James Bond DLC Cut For GTA Online Content!

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  • GTA 5 was set to feature a Trevor story DLC, which would include reworked elements of Rockstar’s canceled game, Agent.
  • According to Trevor’s voice actor, multiple scenes were already recorded for the DLC.
  • This DLC was later scrapped since Rockstar wanted to focus on GTA Online content.

Rockstar Games was initially surprised by the sudden success of GTA Online. This meant the studio immediately shifted priorities a few years after launching the game mode, rushing to focus on content.

Previous leaks have confirmed eight canceled story DLC packs for GTA 5. Trevor’s voice actor has recently elaborated on one of these, stating that a lot of the recording work for this DLC pack was already done.

Why it matters: Rockstar later used this concept for GTA Online missions, highlighting its new commitment to providing content for the mode.

YouTube video


The voice actors of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor recently held a Q&A session on Youtube.

During the conversation, Steven Ogg, the voice of Trevor, discussed the previously canceled story expansion for GTA 5. He stated that Trevor was set to take on the role of a James Bond-like character and work with the feds.

He then clarified that Rockstar even recorded various scenes for this DLC before scrapping it altogether eventually.

We did shoot some of that stuff like James Bond Trevor.

-Steven Ogg

He explained that the main reason for this cancelation was that Rockstar found immense success with GTA Online, so they decided to work on live service updates for this part of GTA 5.

However, this concept is similar to another canceled Rockstar game, Agent. Therefore, the studio may have intended to repurpose canceled concepts into story DLC, but neither really worked out.

GTA 6 Ray Tracing
GTA 6 Might Not Receive Any DLCs Either

GTA 5 is still selling millions of units, and its online component makes millions every few months, so Rockstar’s decision to focus on live-service content may have been the wise one in the long run. Still, it led to disappointment among the fans.

The team is now wholly focused on GTA 6, which is expected to arrive in 2025.

However, with its success over the last decade, the studio is expected to pay just as much attention to its next online package. Therefore, GTA 6, like its predecessor, might not receive any story DLC either.

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