Xbox’s Perfect Dark Reboot Will Not Skip 60FPS Gameplay

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Another Major Xbox Exclusive WIth 60FPS Option!

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  • The Perfect Dark reboot has garnered a lot of hype after its announcement at The Game Awards 2020.
  • The game will feature both performance and quality graphics modes.
  • In addition to that, it will also feature melee combat.

Since its announcement at The Game Awards 2020, anticipation for Perfect Dark has steadily intensified. The franchise, which has long been in the shadows, is now garnering significant attention again.

Although minimal information has been released about this project, it has been confirmed that the game will be a reboot of the original franchise. A recent job listing for a Technical Director(spotted by Twisted Voxel) position at The Initiative has unveiled further information.

According to the job listing, the reboot is set to offer performance and quality modes.

Why it matters: Following Starfield, Hellblade 2, and Redfall, Xbox has developed a reputation for skipping 60FPS in its first-party releases. Fortunately, The Initiative does not seem to be repeating this misstep.

The Initative - Job Listing
The Initiative – Job Listing

The studio is seeking recruits to contribute to the development of Performance and Quality engine modes for the project.

The integration of performance and quality modes on consoles has become increasingly common in the gaming industry. This feature allows players to prioritize either frame rate or visual quality according to their preferences.

In the past, most titles on consoles featured a single mode that targeted quality, often at the expense of performance. This approach led to frustration among players who prioritized performance over visual fidelity.

However, this new addition means both parties can enjoy themselves. In addition to this, Senior Gameplay Animator’s LinkedIn profile has disclosed that Perfect Dark will include both ‘synced’ and ‘un-synced’ melee combat mechanics.

Perfect Dark Senior Gameplay Animator - LinkedIn Profile
Perfect Dark Senior Gameplay Animator – LinkedIn Profile

Synced melee combat likely refers to predefined animations seamlessly integrated into gameplay, ensuring smooth and consistent combat interactions. On the other hand, un-synced melee combat may allow players more freedom and improvisation during combat.

While no concrete release date has been announced for Perfect Dark, reports suggest it could be released as late as 2026. The game has encountered several obstacles, contributing to its release timeline’s uncertainty.

Reports indicate that the Perfect Dark project has undergone multiple reboots, with developers continually changing their approach and exploring different ideas.

The game initially began development with Certain Affinity as its co-developer but is now being helped by Crystal Dynamics. Additionally, the decision to switch to Unreal Engine 5 posed further challenges for the developers.

Matt Booty did mention that official gameplay would be revealed by 2024. However, given the turbulent history of development, even this timeline seems uncertain. Anyhow, the promise of 60FPS should be a nice update to keep fans hopeful till this gameplay arrives.

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