Perfect Dark And State of Decay 3 Gameplay Arriving By 2024

Gameplay Reveal Within 18 Months!

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft provided many updates on the games that were announced, but some first-party titles were still missing.

The event featured gameplay for highly anticipated games like Fable and Avowed, but titles like Perfect Dark and State of Decay 3 were among the many games that were not present at the showcase.

Fans were a little disappointed, but Matt Booty from Xbox has confirmed the two games will have a gameplay reveal within 18 months or by 2025. This means that the gameplay could be revealed by December 2024 or earlier.

Why it matters: Both games were announced in 2020, and fans have waited several years to learn more about these titles.

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Since the two games were announced nearly three years ago, the lack of information has raised some concerns. However, in a recent interview with Giant Bomb, Matt Booty provided an update.

Matt Booty revealed that he had seen builds of both games from developers The Initiative and Undead Labs, claiming it would take up to 18 months for fans to see gameplay. He said:

“So as I look ahead to the next 18 months in terms of what we’re going to be able to show and deliver gameplay, I’m cautiously confident.”

He then said that he is confident that gameplay will be revealed within this duration as the team is working hard on these projects. However, fans might see gameplay for State of Decay 3 earlier, as it was announced before Perfect Dark.

It was revealed before that the developers of State of Decay 3 will use Unreal Engine 5. Undead Labs is also collaborating with the Gears developer and might help the developer speed up development on the game.

Regarding Perfect Dark, recent rumors claimed it might be a remake or a reboot. The game might focus on third-person gameplay while straying away from the first-person roots of the series.

Various events like The Game Awards, Summer Game Fest, and Microsoft’s next Xbox Showcase could serve as venues for gameplay reveals. Both titles are expected to be major first-party releases for Xbox, and fans will be glad to know that gameplay footage is less than two years away.

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