Dead Island 2 Becomes Steam’s Top-Selling Game At Launch

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Now on Steam After Epic Games Exclusivity!

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  • Dead Island 2 was released a year ago on consoles and as an Epic Games exclusive on PC.
  • One year later, the game is finally available on Steam.
  • It was launched at a discounted price and became the best-selling title on the platform.

Dead Island 2 received a positive reception on launch but was later criticized by some players. While fans agree that the gameplay is extremely fun, the same can’t be said for the story and characters.

Still, with gameplay being a core component of any title, Dead Island 2 found success early on. Even though the game was released as an Epic Games exclusive on PC, it sold over 2 million units.

One year later, the title has just joined Steam. Quite surprisingly, it immediately became the best-selling game on the platform.

Why it matters: The title was previously criticized by longtime fans since many are against Epic Games’ practice of limiting games to its own storefront on PC.

Dead Island 2 Best Seller Steam
Dead Island 2 Became a Best Seller On Steam Just One Day After the Launch.

Dead Island 2 has managed to dethrone Helldivers 2 from the top spot after its continued reign on the list for several months.

It is important to note that this release has landed on Steam at a discounted price. This seems to have been the perfect marketing strategy, with the 50% discount motivating PC gamers to try Dead Island 2 for the first time.

In the last 24 hours, this release has recorded nearly 6K peak concurrent players. While this would not be too impressive for a brand-new title, Dead Island 2 is no longer as fresh as it was in 2023.

Therefore, the player count figures are far from terrible.

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Unfortunately, the user reviews have not been the most positive. Over 40% of them are negative since Deep Silver has imposed a limitation that requires users to link their Epic Games account after the Steam purchase.

Nonetheless, the core gameplay of Dead Island 2 remains as satisfying as ever, and the price is just right to entice potential customers into a purchase.

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