Dead Island 2 Review Roundup – Mostly Positive Reception

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Living Up To The 9-Year Wait?

The long-awaited zombie survival action game, Dead Island 2, will finally hit the market on April 21, 2023. After years of anticipation, players can embark on a thrilling journey through the sun-soaked streets of Los Angeles and San Fransisco, battling hordes of the undead while scavenging for resources and weapons.

However, many fans have been wondering if the game has lived up to its hype. The critic reviews for the game have just been published, and some of them can be seen below:

  • PlayStation Universe 8.5
  • XboxEra 8.5
  • IGN 7
  • GameSpot 7
  • VGC 4/5

According to most game reviewers, the game’s successful blend of humor, horror, and heart-pounding action has provided a satisfying entry in the zombie survival genre, proving that Dead Island 2 is a worthy successor to its predecessor.

Overall, Dead Island 2 has received a mostly positive reception from various gaming outlets, scoring an average of 75/100 on Metacritic based on 30 reviews and a 73/100 on Opencritic from 77 reviews.

Major gaming publications have awarded the game impressive scores, praising its immersive open-world experience, satisfying combat mechanics, and the addition of fresh gameplay elements.

Dead Island 2 Review Roundup
Source: Metacritic

However, not all the reviews were glowing. Some reviews cited technical issues and unpolished aspects that marred the overall experience.

Other reviews criticized Dead Island 2 for lack of innovation and a disjointed story – saying it is a charming but shallow sequel that fails to live up to its potential.

As such, Dead Island 2 seems to lack originality and novelty, with its combat offering limited variety and feeling repetitive. The critics also bashed the game for its multiplayer restrictions.

Despite the issues listed above, most reviewers acknowledged that the game’s core gameplay loop remained enjoyable and addictive.

In summary, Dead Island 2 has garnered mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised its engaging gameplay mechanics, weapon customization, and cooperative elements.

While some reviewers pointed out a few technical issues and unpolished aspects, the consensus is that Dead Island 2 delivers a thrilling experience that fans of the original game and newcomers alike can enjoy.

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