Splinter Cell Remake To Use Ray Traced Reflections For Stealth Gameplay

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Enemies Will Spot You Through Mirror Reflections!

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  • Splinter Cell Remake is expected to show up in this year’s Ubisoft Showcase.
  • The game is said to feature ray tracing, but a leaker says this will be more than just a visual element.
  • According to the leaker, ray-traced reflections will tie into gameplay mechanics like stealth.

Splinter Cell Remake is one of Ubisoft’s biggest ongoing projects, and there is a lot of hype behind it. Ubisoft has yet to redeem itself after Skull and Bones, but the developer’s future seems bright.

The studio is rewriting the storyline of this classic release for a modern audience. More information about the project is expected after a gameplay premiere at this year’s showcase, but a leaker has teased the stealth mechanics before this reveal.

According to the leaker, the remake will use ray-traced reflections for its stealth gameplay.

Why it matters: Ray tracing is a widely known concept now, but using it in such a way is unique and might lead to more gameplay innovations from other studios.

Visceral, a well-known leaker in the industry, has revealed that Splinter Cell Remake will come with some unique features. One of these unique elements will be ray tracing.

While this technology is by no means new for gaming, Ubisoft seems to be taking creative liberties with its use. The leaker states that ray-traced reflections will be integral to the stealth gameplay.

He describes that enemies will be able to spot players through reflections in windows, mirrors, and more. This would add a new dynamic to enemy encounters, with the environment playing an important part in Splinter Cell Remake.

While the game will likely feature a marking system for the players, ray tracing could also work the other way around, allowing players to use the environments to spot enemies in a similar manner.

Splinter Cell Remake Concept Art
Splinter Cell Remake Will Feature Highly Advanced Ray Tracing

Splinter Cell has always been one of the best stealth IPs, so we would not be shocked if it innovated stealth gameplay through this technology.

However, this could also be a double-edged sword. Lower-spec PCs struggle with ray-tracing, so the developer must find the right balance between visuals and performance to make this a key part of gameplay.

Splinter Cell Remake is expected to launch between 2025 and 2026. Not much else is currently known about the project besides small bits of details from leaks and reports, but we remain eager to learn more about the title.

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