Fallout’s Current Hype Crashed Top Modding Website After New Traffic

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"We Experienced More Traffic After Fallout TV Series"

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  • The Fallout TV show was released recently, and its reception has been extremely positive. 
  • The TV show’s popularity caused players to go back to Fallout games, resulting in new records.
  • Players have also visited Nexus Mods while playing the games, leading to the website crashing from the new traffic.

The Fallout TV show has proved immensely popular, which has caused players to revisit the franchise. Nearly a hundred thousand players went back to try out Fallout 4, while thousands revisited Fallout 76.

As expected, this popularity has also encouraged players to try delving into the modding scene. However, Nexus Mods reports that the site has received so much traffic recently that it is finding it difficult to deal with the demands.

The website has crashed multiple times, and the issues are being investigated.

Why it matters: Nexus Mods features millions of mods for different games, so heavy traffic is not something new for this site. However, this is another testament to the current popularity of Fallout.

Nexus Mods Crashed
The Nexus Mods Website Crashed Due To High Demand for Fallout Mods | Source: NexusMods

The Nexus Mods status page shows that the website is facing heavy traffic. According to this page, the main cause of heavy traffic is, of course, Fallout.

We are experiencing much more traffic than usual due to the popularity of the Fallout TV series.

-Nexus Mods

The team is dealing with this problem, and the website is mostly functioning as intended now. However, fans will face delays in loading or downloading different mods.

After investigating, the team added more resources to the website, but this was not enough to fix the problem at its core. Since then, two more updates have been issued, but neither has been able to deal with this traffic.

Nexus Mods features over 48K mods only for Fallout 4, and they have seen over 1.4 billion downloads. Fallout 4 is currently among the top 3 most modded games on the website.

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Like other Bethesda games, the Fallout franchise has a strong modding scene. These games are often best enjoyed when paired with mods, which expand the gameplay systems, improve visuals, and more.

However, fans might have to wait a bit longer to try Fallout 4 with mods. This demand has caused many unforeseen issues that might take more time to be fixed.

This TV show has increased the IP’s player count to nearly 300K on Steam alone. With a next-gen update on the way for consoles, this platform is anticipated to see a surge of new players as well.

Amazon has also renewed the series for another season, though no new Fallout content is planned to arrive anytime soon. Overall, there has never been a better time to be a fan of this series in recent years.

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