Ubisoft To Update The Story of Splinter Cell Remake For Modern-Day Audience

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Splinter Cell Remake Story Getting Makeover!

Story Highlights
  • Ubisoft promises updated design elements and gameplay for Splinter Cell Remake.
  • The studio is also looking for a scriptwriter to change the story and narrative elements.
  • It hopes to retain the core themes but make the world and characters more believable.


Splinter Cell Remake is being built from the ground up, utilizing the impressive Snowdrop Engine. Recent information has suggested that the remake will even incorporate its visual elements into gameplay, using ray-tracing for reflections that impact the stealth.

Original Story:

The original Splinter Cell was released nearly two decades ago. Ubisoft’s stealth-focused game quickly became popular and went on to spawn several follow-up releases. Despite its popularity, the Splinter Cell franchise has been dormant for nine years.

However, Ubisoft revealed new information on the franchise not too long ago. Ubisoft is working on a Splinter Cell Remake, and fans have been anxious to learn more about the project. 

While details on the upcoming remake are sparse, a new job listing has hinted at some crucial changes to the upcoming game. A job listing for Scriptwriter[Splinter Cell] at Ubisoft Toronto has revealed that Ubisoft is re-writing and updating Splinter Cell’s story for modern-day audiences.  

Splinter Cell Remake Ubisoft Toronto
Job listing for Scriptwriter(Splinter Cell), Ubisoft Toronto

When the game was first announced, producer Matt West stated that the team aimed to keep the spirit of the early games intact.

“We’re going to update it visually, as well as some of the design elements to match player comfort and expectations”.

This made fans believe that the remake closely followed the original’s story. However, the new job listing indicates otherwise. The job listing also reiterates the producer’s earlier point of keeping the original game’s spirit intact while elaborating on the decision to update the story. The job description states,

“We want to keep the spirit and themes of the original game while exploring our characters and the world to make them more authentic and believable.” 

Splinter Cell Remake

The developers appear to be focused on ensuring the story lives up to modern expectations. Video game standards are much higher today than in the past, so this decision is not surprising.

Recent remakes like The Last of Us Part 1 have also included a few game changes to improve consistency with the sequel. Ubisoft may be looking to implement similar changes to enhance the story while staying true to the game’s original vision. 

Unfortunately, dedicated fans of the original narrative might be disappointed at this news. The extent of these changes remains unclear at the moment, as Ubisoft’s job description does not go into too many details.

Splinter Cell remake is very early in development, and the developers have not confirmed the release date. More information on the upcoming title is expected in the coming months. 

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