PlayStation Working On Separate Mobile Gaming Platform

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PlayStation Wants Free-to-Play Games On Mobile!

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  • A new job listing points to Sony’s focus on mobile games.
  • The listing states that it wants to develop a mobile platform with access to free-to-play games.
  • Sony would have to compete with Google, Apple, and even Xbox to enter this space.

Mobile gaming is one of the biggest niches in the industry. While most people don’t have access to consoles or gaming PCs, everyone owns a mobile phone. Sony seems to have realized this, as it appears to be working on a mobile gaming platform.

Why it matters: Microsoft also announced its jump into the mobile gaming space, and with Sony following suit, it seems both gaming giants will focus heavily on the platform. 

Sony job listing
Sony is looking for a ‘Mobile Platform Architect.’

According to the job listing from Sony, the company is looking to hire a ‘Mobile Platform Architect’ to create a platform for publishing its games. The position focuses on connecting mobile games to PlayStation services with internal studios.

Seeking an experienced software engineer to design PlayStation’s platform for free-to-play mobile games.

-PlayStation Job Listing

Another notable point from the listing is that the games published will be free to play on the mobile platform. In January, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida also confirmed Sony’s intent to focus on mobile gaming, and it seems the company is finally moving forward with these plans.

This endeavor could lead to more acquisitions from Sony. The gaming giant currently lacks the talent to support a major mobile platform, but it has already set aside a large sum for future mergers.

Sony Mobile Gaming
Sony is looking to expand its roster of games by investing in mobile platforms.

While Sony does not have any major F2P titles apart from Fate/Grand Order, the gaming giant will likely expand into this market very soon. Microtransactions and Gacha systems from mobile titles could then be used to support PlayStation’s larger AAA releases in the future.

Mobile gaming has been a huge focus for many years, especially for multiplayer titles. Call of Duty Mobile, Warzone Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and more have been massive for many years.

It seems PlayStation has now embarked on a journey to find similarly successful mobile releases of its own.

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