After Mastering Sekiro, Stellar Blade Was A Piece of Cake For Me

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Only A Few Bosses Were Somewhat Challenging!

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  • Sekiro is one of the hardest games I have ever played to date.
  • Having completed dozens of playthroughs in Sekiro, I mastered its combat, which made Stellar Blade too easy for me.
  • However, the first Stellar Blade playthrough was still quite enjoyable.

Sekiro is considered FromSoftware’s hardest game, and for good reason. The combat is tough to master and offers an unforgiving experience that forces players to adapt and think on their feet.

If you’re stuck on a boss, you won’t beat it until you get better at the game. After spending dozens of hours, I have mastered Sekiro’s combat, which made similar games quite easy for me.

Stellar Blade is the latest example since I swiftly made my way through most of the bosses.

Why it matters: Learning Sekiro’s combat is not an easy task, but when you do it, the satisfaction that comes with it is unparalleled. 

Genichiro From Sekiro Forces You To Learn The Game | Image By Tech4Gamers

Sekiro’s Learning Curve

Sekiro does not offer an easy way out. I have witnessed many folks using broken builds in the Souls games and Elden Ring, allowing them to rush through bosses that would be considered challenging. In my opinion, this approach ruins the fun of this type of game.

Bleed and Frostbite in Elden Ring are so overpowered that they could ruin your experience by making the game easy. However, boot up Sekiro, and you’ll quickly face a reality check. The title gives you limited tools and asks you to adapt.

Sekiro is officially the hardest game I played so far.
byu/Ilcu4 inSekiro

You can even make the experience more challenging by giving Kuro the charm back, getting the Demon Bell, and not using the Mortal Blade.

In doing so, you will likely master the combat much like I did. Playing the game like this was different from my usual playthroughs, but it made me learn the fundamentals to the point of mastery.

Consequently, I now find Souls-likes that rely on similar parry mechanics much easier. The fun in hard games comes from the sense of accomplishment, but a title like Stellar Blade is simply unable to meet my expectations when it comes to a challenge.

Stellar Blade’s Combat is Arguably One of the Best Out There | Image By Tech4Gamers

My Stellar Blade Experience 

Stellar Blade is like a FromSoftware title in many ways, which is good. The combat is also polished, and I believe it has the best combat so far in 2024. Yes, I have played Rise of the Ronin.

However, the first few bosses in Stellar Blade were way too easy and not just for me. Many have claimed that the early parts are way too easy. However, I didn’t feel like the later sections were that much of a challenge either.

Unpopular (?) opinion. Stellar Blade is too easy.
byu/CaMyPau instellarblade

The unidentified Naytiba, Raven, and Elder Naytiba were somewhat challenging, but overall, the game was a piece of cake. Don’t get me wrong, the boss fights were epic, especially the Raven encounter; however, I didn’t feel the challenge I always find in FromSoftware titles.

Even after playing Sekiro, Lies of P was a little challenging for me, but Stellar Blade became way too easy. It’s built around the principles of FromSoftware, and there is no doubt about that.

However, I feel like the developer failed to commit to FromSoftware’s unforgiving nature. Perhaps this is a great thing, and I’m just too used to FromSoftware’s style of punishing gameplay. Anyhow, Stellar Blade failed to offer me a satisfactory challenge.

While Stellar Blade Has Some of the Most Epic Boss Fights, It Was A Little Underwhelming For Me | Image Source: Tech4Gamers

Sekiro Ruined Stellar Blade’s Replayability For Me

Games like Stellar Blade often have a lot of replayability, but after playing it once, I didn’t feel like playing it again because of this difficulty.

If I hadn’t mastered Sekiro’s combat, I would have probably had a harder time during my first playthrough, which later on would have become the basis of my second playthrough.

However, I feel there’d be no point in going over the same experience again.

That said, I still enjoyed my first playthrough a lot. Stellar Blade excels in many key areas, and it’s a solid action game. It’s also one of the few releases from Korean developers that prove this region’s knack for console gaming.

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