Stellar Blade Review Roundup – Strong Return To Classic Action Game Style

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Living Up To Hype With 83/100 Score!

Story Highlights
  • Stellar Blade’s review embargo has just been lifted.
  • The game has received positive reviews from critics, signaling an impressive exclusive for PlayStation.
  • Reviewers have praised the core combat, visuals, and more.

Stellar Blade has been eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide since its announcement. The wait for the game is finally ending, with its release scheduled for just a few days later, on April 26.

Ahead of this date, the review embargo has just been lifted, revealing an impressive Metacritic score of 83/100. This further solidifies its status as another great exclusive for the PS5.

Why it matters: The title is in a unique position as one of the rarer AAA console releases from Korea. This makes the success a major deal.

Stellar Blade Metacritic
Stellar Blade Review Scores via Metacritic

A few of the reviews are listed below.

  • IGN 7/10
  • Gamespot 8/10
  • VGC 4/5
  • Tech Raptor 9/10
  • GamesRadar 3.5/5

While an 83/100 score may not be the most impressive today, it’s certainly a big deal for Shift Up since Stellar Blade marked the team’s first foray into console gaming.

The game has received high praise for its stunning visuals and polish. Despite coming from a newer studio, it boasts AAA production values and feels satisfying to play, according to the reviews.

The overall combat, while far from perfect, has been deemed satisfying and stylish. In this aspect, the game seems to have lived up to its inspirations. It presents an enjoyable blend of different systems, and the combos are varied, leaving room for practice and improvement.

Stellar Blade PS5
Stellar Blade Is The Biggest Launch As We Approach The End of April

As for criticisms, the title offers a mixed bag in terms of its narrative. Side quests and writing vary in quality. Additionally, voice acting is not the best.

Stellar Blade tackles compelling themes to enhance its overall world-building and story, but it does little with these themes. However, as evidenced by the reviews, the overall package is excellent.

Before launch, Stellar Blade was already shaping up to be a success after positive reactions to the demo and an impressive position on the PlayStation pre-order charts.

Analysts have speculated that the game could sell more than 4 million copies at launch. While it remains to be seen if this figure will be achievable, the positive review scores will certainly help.

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