Stellar Blade Now #1 Most Pre-ordered PlayStation Game

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Anticipation At New High Weeks Before Launch!

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  • Stellar Blade will be launched on the 26th of this month.
  • Following the recently launched demo, this game has climbed the PlayStation pre-order rankings.
  • It is now the most pre-ordered PS5 game on PlayStation Store and Amazon.

Stellar Blade is the big release to anticipate in April. The game recently received a demo, allowing players to experience its unique combination of action and Souls-like gameplay first-hand.

Following positive impressions, it has shot up the pre-order charts. According to reports, the game is now PS5’s most pre-ordered game.

Why it matters: This is an encouraging sign since Stellar Blade is a new IP from a relatively unknown studio, which is never the best combination for developers looking to succeed in the industry.

Stellar Blade PlayStation Store
PlayStation Store Top Pre-orders via Neogaf

According to reports, the game takes up to two of the top five PlayStation Store pre-orders. Oddly enough, the Deluxe Edition is receiving more pre-orders than the base game, highlighting the current excitement.

Elsewhere, a similar trend is observed on third-party sites. Among Amazon’s best-selling PS5 games, Stellar Blade comfortably sits at the top. It beat discounted titles like Helldivers 2 and recent releases like Dragon’s Dogma 2 for the spot.

Readers should note that the Deluxe Edition is only available digitally. Therefore, Amazon customers cannot gain access to the various costumes that this edition offers.

Stellar Blade Amazon Best-Selling PS5 Game
Stellar Blade Is Amazon’s Best-Selling PS5 Game

SHIFT UP’s upcoming release had already made its way among the top 3 PlayStation pre-orders last month. The game was consistently found among the best-selling games, but it seems the demo provided the final nudge it needed to reach the top spot.

The demo was rated 4.82/5 by PS5 owners, making it one of the highest-rated applications on the PS5. Therefore, SHIFT UP’s demo appears to have done exactly what it needed to.

PlayStation has high expectations from Stellar Blade. Developer SHIFT UP has also started talking about a potential sequel already, stating that the global reception will decide this IP’s fate moving forward.

Therefore, these pre-orders must be quite encouraging for the team.

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