GTA 5: Recent Leaks Suggest Rockstar Canceled 8 Story DLCs

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8 Story DLCs Canceled For GTA Online Focus!

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  • GTA 5 leaks are surfacing on the internet all over again.
  • Data from the leaks indicates that Rockstar Games had planned to release eight DLCs for the game.
  • However, all of them were scrapped or converted into GTA Online content.

Following up on last year’s GTA 6 leaks, more information about Rockstar Games and its titles has made its way online, including the complete source code of GTA 5.

This leak provided another glimpse at the existence of Bully 2. It also contains references to cut content for GTA 5, confirming that the long-rumored single-player DLC for the game was, in fact, being worked on.

Why it matters: GTA Online makes millions for Take-Two and Rockstar Games each year. This motivates the studio to focus on more content for the mode due to a constant revenue stream.

According to the new leaks, Rockstar Games scrapped eight planned DLCs.

This was likely done to capitalize on the success of GTA Online since there is evidence that content was repurposed to fit the online mode, being offered as heists, expansions, and more. The full list of DLCs includes:

  • SP Assassination Pack
  • SP Manhunt Pack
  • SP Norman Pack
  • Agent Trevor
  • Relationship Pack
  • Enterprise Pack
  • Prologue DLC
  • LibertyV DLC

A few of the DLCs could have been very exciting, like Liberty City. As the name suggests, this would have been a massive expansion for the story mode, taking players to a completely new setting.

The Prologue DLC would have explored GTA 5 before the events of the story mode, providing opportunities to meet new characters and the existing cast in a different light, expanding the overall narrative of the universe.

As stated earlier, not everything from the list was scrapped. The Agent Trevor DLC was expected to feature jetpacks as Trevor took on a different role, but this was later adapted into the Doomsday Heists for GTA Online.

Ultimately, fans are disappointed that an online focus took away so many resources from the beautiful world of GTA 5.

GTA Online Ray Tracing

In the past, Rockstar’s design director claimed GTA 5 was already complete. According to the developer, it was a three-story game and did not need any DLC. Still, the studio’s planned DLC suggests otherwise.

With GTA Online becoming a breakout hit for Rockstar in 2013, the studio likely did not see much reason to support the offline component. From a business perspective, the resources spent on supporting the online mode were much better spent.

However, this did not stop the fans from criticizing the team. The studio seemingly abandoned GTA 5 for good, and we can only hope that GTA 6 does not suffer the same fate since it might be the studio’s best work yet.

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