Canceled Bully 2 Looks Stunning In Leaked Concept Art

Rockstar Wasted So Much Potential!

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  • Bully was released by Rockstar over 17 years ago.
  • Its sequel was in development but was later canceled by Rockstar for various reasons. 
  • The concept art of Bully 2 indicates that the sequel had a lot of potential.

It has been over 17 years since Rockstar released Bully. The game, while being controversial, was loved by many. However, its sequel never saw the light of day, and the cancelation of Bully 2 is no longer a secret.

Rockstar was indeed working on a sequel, with a developer providing information about an early build not too long ago. Recent leaks from GTA 5’s source code have also pointed to the game.

Additionally, concept art of the game has been spotted online, and it just goes to show that Rockstar wasted a lot of potential by not focusing on this game.

Why it matters: Despite Bully being nearly two decades old, the game is very important for Rockstar and its fans. The title is still discussed to this day, with many being upset at the lack of a sequel.

This concept art was first revealed in 2017. Following the latest leaks about GTA 5 and its canceled DLC, fans have reminisced about the game, claiming that Bully 2 could have been something special.

The art appears to show a new setting for the game. Seemingly set in a modern urban school, Bully 2 was expected to follow Jimmy Hopkin’s journey as a college student.

Another piece of concept art shows Rockstar’s take on a postmaster in the Bully franchise. With a hook for an arm, it seems the studio was aiming for an almost dystopian-style setting for Bully 2.

Other images show more characters and an abandoned building, which would have been perfect for trying out graffiti.


Bully 2 already had development builds as early as 2013. However, GTA Online’s success may have contributed to the eventual cancelation. This was also the reason Rockstar turned many of the game’s planned single-player DLCs into add-ons for the online mode.

With GTA 6 now on the horizon, another Bully game seems unlikely for a few years, if at all. Still, we believe the studio needs to bring this series back for a more diverse lineup of games.

Playing mischievous tricks, standing up to bullies, and exploring a different setting were just a few elements that made Bully different from the crowd. However, Rockstar’s pivot as a live-service studio might have been the final nail in the coffin for this IP.

The studio is currently focused on GTA 6, and if this title’s online mode becomes as big as GTA 5’s, we don’t see the team focusing on much more for the next decade.

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