Nintendo Switch 2: Everything You Need To Know

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Explore the latest rumors and expectations surrounding the anticipated release of the Nintendo Switch 2, likely to arrive in 2024.

At A Glance
  • The Nintendo Switch 2 will bring quite the performance uplift over its predecessor.
  • Current leaks suggest that it will launch at a $400 price.
  • Nintendo will release the console in H2 2024, likely during Q4 of 2024.

The Nintendo Switch revolutionized gaming by blurring the lines between console and handheld, offering seamless transitions from TV screen to on-the-go play. With over 132 million units sold, it is no surprise that whispers of a successor, the Nintendo Switch 2, have begun to echo through the gaming community.

Even though Nintendo hasn’t made any official announcements, many leaks and insights from trustworthy sources have given us a clear idea of what the Switch 2 could include.

Nintendo Switch 2 Alleged Specifications

In September 2022, an Nvidia employee confirmed the Tegra 239 system-on-a-chip, the chip expected to power the Switch 2. This information has been corroborated by reliable leakers like kopite7kimi, pointing toward a custom SoC. 

The Nvidia T239, built on Ampere architecture, should allow Switch 2 to support DLSS 3.5 upscaling and ray reconstruction technology. However, it won’t handle frame generation.

A report from Digital Foundry states that the T239 is a cutdown variant of the Tegra T234. The analysis expects the former to feature a simpler 8x ARM A78C architecture. This change is in line with the requirements of a mobile console.

A significant upgrade in the T239 is the reported addition of a File Decompression Engine, not present in its forerunner, the T234. This engine pledges exceptionally fast load times for the Switch 2.

In December 2022, there were talks between Nintendo and Activision-Blizzard executives, hinting at a performance level on par with the PS4. Elsewhere, sources from Universo Nintendo claim the console will ship with 12GB of RAM.

In terms of storage, NateTheHate states Switch 2 is expected to boast 512GB of internal storage. This would be a major improvement over the original Switch, which was released with only 32GB of storage.

According to a former Samsung employee’s LinkedIn profile, the Nintendo Switch 2 may use Samsung 5th generation V-NAND flash memory. While Samsung has newer V-NAND generations, the 5th generation offers substantial speed increases (up to 1.4 GB/s) over the original Switch.

Moreover, Nintendo reportedly revealed the Switch 2 hardware at Gamescom, showcasing the Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 demo.

Switch 2 Vs. Switch Vs. Stem Deck Specs Comparison

Choosing the right handheld gaming device can be a tough call, especially with the upcoming Switch 2, the trusty and inexpensive Nintendo Switch, and the versatile Steam Deck vying for your attention.

Below, we have compared the Switch 2, based on the leaked specifications, with its predecessor and Stem Deck.

  Switch Switch 2 (Alleged) Steam Deck (Base)
SoC Tegra X1 Tegra T239 AMD Zen 2/RDNA 2 APU
CPU 4 ARM Cortex-A57 Cores @1.02GHz 8 ARM 78C Cores 4C/8T Zen 2 CPU @ Up to 3.5GHz
GPU Nvidia Maxwell 256 Cuda Cores 307.2 MHz handheld/ Up to 768 MHz docked Nvidia Ampere-based GPU With DLSS and RT 8 CU RDNA 2 GPU @ Up to 1.6GHz
RAM 4GB LPDDR4 @ 1331/1600MHz 12GB 16GB LPDDR5 @ 2750MHz
Bandwidth Up to 25.6GB/s Up to 102.4GB/s 88GB/s
Storage Starting From 32GB 512GB(Rumored) Starting From 64GB
Display 5.5″ LCD/ 6.2″ LCD/ 7″ OLED at 1280×720 8″ LCD Display 1920×1080(Rumored) 7″ LCD 1280×800
Battery Life Up to 9 hours Up to 9 hours Up to 4 hours
Price $200(Switch Lite)/ $300(Switch V2)/ $350(Switch OLED) 400(Rumored) Starting From $400
Release Mar-17 H2 2024 Feb-22
Nintendo Switch Successor OLED
Nintendo Switch OLED In Docked Mode

Display For Handheld Mode

Although Nintendo has been quiet about the technical details of the Switch 2, leaks have emerged, giving us a sneak peek into the upcoming console’s features. Rumors from reliable sources at VGC suggest a shift from the OLED screen in the Switch OLED to an LCD screen for cost-saving, potentially 8 inches in size.

Sharp, the company currently working with Nintendo for the Switch, has confirmed that they are working on an LCD panel for a new console. This ‘new console’ could possibly be Nintendo Switch 2.

All in all, it seems fairly likely that an OLED display will not be part of the Switch 2 at launch. However, it could be added later down the line, following the trend set by Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch 2
Nintendo Switch OLED In Handheld Mode

Backward Compatibility & Games

The issue of backward compatibility is causing a stir in the rumor mill. Reliable sources like NateTheHate have been unable to confirm this element of the console so far, but Nintendo’s statements suggest backward compatibility will not be left out.

Nintendo’s president has ensured a smooth transition for previous generation owners. As for games, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is reportedly receiving a new version with 60FPS support.

Leaker Nash Weedle revealed that the Bayonetta Trilogy with improved graphics might be heading to the next iteration of Nintendo Switch. A new 3D Mario game, Metroid Prime 4, and more are also expected for this console.

Other Features

The existing Switch dock can technically handle visuals at 4K 60FPS through HDMI 2.0. Whether a revamped system will leverage the same dock for higher resolution remains unclear until Nintendo provides details.

Though not confirmed, rumors are circulating that Nintendo could delve into VR features with the Switch 2, possibly incorporating detachable VR accessories similar to the Nintendo Labo VR kit.

Furthermore, The Switch 2 is rumored to feature magnetically attached Joy-Con controllers. This change may mean existing Joy-Cons will not be compatible. This information comes from the sources who previously leaked accurate details about the Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite via Reddit

Switch 2 Expected Launch Date

Nintendo has remained characteristically tight-lipped about the Switch 2’s official release date. Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, talked about taking a careful approach to launching the successor, highlighting that the Switch is still very much in its prime.

Although initial signs hinted at a Q1 2024 release, recent updates lean towards a later launch. According to a recent leak, Nintendo is reportedly pushing the Switch 2 release date to Q1 2025. The company is aiming to ensure enough stock is available to meet demand within the first year.

Nintendo Switch 2
Nintendo Switch 2 Concept

Switch 2 Pricing

With the reported tech upgrades, consumers can expect the Nintendo Switch 2 to come with a higher price compared to its predecessor.

According to leaks from SoldierDelta, known for reliable information in the past, the standard model might be priced at $449, while the digital-only version could be $400.

While this hasn’t been officially confirmed, it fits with Nintendo’s habit of releasing multiple versions of a new console at once. This pricing approach would still make sense, considering the upward trend of hardware prices nowadays.

Recent Updates

February 27, 2024: Updated content to add a new expected launch period based on a recent leak.
April 28, 2024: Updated content to add information about Samsung 5th generation V-NAND memory courtesy of a former Samsung employee.
April 28, 2024: Updated content to add new information about magnetic Joy-Cons based on a recent leak.


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