30FPS Console Gaming Feels Like A Scam In 2024

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What Happened To 4K 60FPS Gaming Claims?

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  • 30FPS doesn’t do justice to the console hardware available today.
  • Motion looks unnatural at 30 frames per second, especially noticeable in fast-paced games.
  • When the game plays all choppy at lower frame rates, it ruins the fun, no matter how amazing it looks.

I’ve been a keen gamer all my life. The evolution of gaming, the relentless march of technology – it’s been a wild ride.

But there’s one issue that’s simply refusing to fade away: the persistence of 30FPS as a part of console gaming. In 2024, it feels less like a standard and more like a stubborn relic.

This target was okay back in the day. But now, with a new generation of consoles, it just feels off. It doesn’t do justice to the fantastic graphics and worlds developers work so hard to build. And that old claim about our eyes not noticing more than 30FPS? Totally busted.

Why it matters: Even though making games run smoothly at 60FPS is tough, developers need to focus on finding solutions rather than sticking to outdated norms.

PlayStation 5 Slim
 This frame rate hinders the full capabilities of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The Smudgy Mess of Motion

The issue with 30 frames per second boils down to how our brains process motion. We’re used to smooth, natural movement in real life. But at 30FPS, we’re only getting half the visual data compared to the much smoother 60FPS. And in today’s fast-paced games, that difference matters.

Picture yourself in a high-speed racing game like Forza Horizon 5 or Gran Turismo 7. The cars zooming by blur together, making it tough to judge distances and nail those crucial turns.

Or think about those intense fights in a first-person shooter. Trying to track a jittering, jumpy enemy feels like an exercise in frustration rather than skill. It’s like the game’s immersion gets shattered into pieces.

The issue becomes worse with powerful consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. These consoles are powerhouses, delivering stunning graphics at higher resolutions.

But too many times, their performance is held back by an old-fashioned frame rate limit. It’s like having a Ferrari but only driving it at a snail’s pace because of a speed limit.

Of course, there are the “performance mode” options in many titles, but it shouldn’t be an either/or situation. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice graphical fidelity for the fundamental enjoyment of fluid gameplay.

Xbox 30 FPS Redfall Starfield Hellblade 2
I’m confident that 30FPS will eventually be an option of the past.

It’s Not Just About Graphics

The stunning graphics these days are truly impressive, and today’s consoles handle them surprisingly well. From textures to lighting to all the tiny details, it’s all very impressive. But if the gameplay itself feels sluggish, it undermines the entire experience.

Now, I’m not saying every single game needs to hit 60FPS. There’s a place for slower-paced, more cinematic experiences like Alan Wake 2, where 30FPS might still be perfectly acceptable.

But for action-heavy titles, competitive multiplayer games, or those focusing on fast reflexes, 30FPS isn’t cutting it anymore. Even casual multiplayer games can become frustrating when trying to keep up with players who play at a smoother, more responsive frame rate.

Alan Wake II Graphics Justifies It's Requirements
30 frames per second can feel acceptable in slow-paced cinematic titles like Alan Wake 2. (Image by NVIDIA)

Time to Move On Like PlayStation

The argument for clinging to 30FPS usually revolves around development costs and optimization. Yes, achieving smooth performance without sacrificing the visuals takes work.

But I refuse to accept that as an excuse for stagnation. Developers are creative problem-solvers; they should use that creativity to push the limits of console gaming.

PlayStation’s Teams Have Consistently Offered Performance Modes This Generation

For me, playing a game like Dragon’s Dogma 2 or Starfield on consoles feels like a trip down memory lane, one that I’m not too keen on. These games run at choppy frame rates, often falling below 30FPS.

On the other hand, such releases make me appreciate PlayStation even more. Whether it be Spider-Man, Helldivers 2, or the gorgeous Demon’s Souls Remake, practically everything from Sony’s studios has come with a 60FPS mode this generation.

Even partner games like Final Fantasy 16 came with a performance mode, though Square Enix did not do a great job with this mode.

Sony seems to be pushing for this benchmark with the PS5 Pro again. Similarly, upcoming games like Perfect Dark and Gears 6 are expected to mark the beginning of a bigger 60FPS push from Xbox developers.

Therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to 30FPS as the norm in console gaming. We have tasted the future, and it’s way smoother.

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