Gears 6 Delivers Both 60FPS And Next-Gen Visuals, Says Insider

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60FPS Unreal Engine 5 Goodness From Xbox!

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  • Gears 6 has yet to receive an official reveal, but leaks have pointed to incredible visuals.
  • An insider now suggests these visuals won’t come at the expense of frame rate.
  • The Coalition will put its Unreal Engine expertise to good use, offering both in one package.

The anticipation for Gears 6 has been building up for a few years. Recent leaks have added fuel to the fire, highlighting next-gen visuals and a potential reveal at June’s Xbox Showcase.

However, Hellblade 2, aiming for similarly impressive visuals, targets 30FPS on consoles. This led to concern about a similar target for Gears 6, but an insider has put all doubts to rest, hinting that 60FPS will not be skipped.

Why it matters: 60FPS is arguably more important for shooters since precise aiming works best at higher frame rates.

Gears 6
Hellblade 2 Information Led To Concerns Regarding Gears 6

In a Resetera thread, Shinobi, one of the most reliable insiders who has a record of accurate leaks, teased that Gears 6 would run at 60FPS.

A user was concerned and asked whether The Coalition would aim for a similar frame rate target as Hellblade 2 since this appears to be a common theme for many Xbox games. The insider replied firmly and stated that fans should rest assured.

Don’t worry.


These leaks inspire confidence since The Coalition is arguably the best team when it comes to Unreal Engine. Gears 6 is also likely to ship with an online multiplayer mode, making 60FPS more important for it than a single-player title.

While past games have offered different frame rates for single-player and multiplayer modes, The Coalition does not appear to be following this route. All in all, it seems this will be Microsoft’s next-gen tech showcase that has been needed for a long time.

YouTube video

Hellblade 2 has been receiving high praise, with many claiming it has remarkably gorgeous visuals. However, we would be lying if we said that the 30FPS announcement didn’t kill the anticipation somewhat.

Microsoft spent a long time creating hardware that ended up superior to its rivals. To see the Xbox Series X stuck with 30FPS games for the third time in a single year is a true shame.

Fortunately, it seems The Coalition is coming to help.

With Gears 6 trying to balance so many things at once, the game might not arrive for a while. However, with a potential reveal coming up in June, the studio might have something prepared to keep fans entertained till then.

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