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Gears 6 Delivers Both 60FPS And Next-Gen Visuals, Says Insider

The Coalition does not appear to be interested in sacrificing 60FPS for visuals, with leaks pointing to both for Gears 6.

Gears Remastered Collection Reportedly Playable Already

Amid earlier reports of a remastered Gears of War trilogy from Xbox, a new source states that the collection is currently being tested.

Gears 6 Team Ramps Up Development With New Wave of Hirings

The Coalition is currently busy with Gears 6, recently hiring as many as eight developers to bolster the development of this game.

Former Gears Narrative Director Now Part of God of War Franchise

The former narrative director of Gears is moving to the God of War team, hoping to use her talents for memorable narratives in the future.

Gears 6 Leaks Have Led To Excitement For Gears of War Creator

Cliff Bleszinski has heard promising things about Gears 6, sharing his enthusiasm for the game on Twitter after the information.

Gears 6 Reportedly Set To Be Released In 2026

An artist working for The Coalition has updated his Art Station profile with the studio's next game, pointing to a 2026 release for Gears 6.

Gears 5 Was Released For Xbox One And PC 4 Years Ago

Gears 5 was released four years ago and is considered one of the best entries in the popular third-person shooter franchise.

Gears 6 Very Likely To Be Fully Open-World, Says Industry Insider

An industry insider has recently suggested that Gears 6 may be the next big Xbox game to adopt an open-world format.

Gears of War Trilogy Xbox 360 Matchmaking Fixed By Microsoft

Following an update to Call of Duty, Microsoft has reportedly improved the matchmaking of the Gears of War trilogy.

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