Gears of War Creator Wants To See The Franchise on PlayStation

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Cliff Bleszinski Wants More People To Play Gears!

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  • Microsoft has begun to release a few games on rival platforms.
  • While Gears of War is not part of this move, the series creator would be glad to see it moving to PlayStation.
  • He believes more players are always great for any game.

The Gears of War series is one of the three biggest Microsoft first-party IPs. Since the days of the Xbox 360, this series has delivered thrilling action, memorable stories, and more.

While the franchise has never ventured beyond Xbox consoles and PC, Microsoft’s recent third-party experiment has set the stage for a potential Gears of War PlayStation release. On that note, the original creator also thinks this is a good idea.

Why it matters: Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox all have their definitive IPs that are not available on rival platforms. For Microsoft, Gears of War is one such franchise.

Gears of War
Gears of War First Introduced Us To Marcus Fenix In 2006

While this series has long been a staple of Xbox, Cliff Bleszinski invites more people looking to try Gears of War, including PlayStation fans.

Speaking to Gamerant, he commented on Microsoft’s approach moving forward, comparing it to the Netflix business model. He believes that Xbox has now realized the need to cover all platforms, leading to the latest shift.

While the gaming giant has accumulated 34 million Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft currently seeks further growth. To achieve this goal, IPs like Gears of War could prove crucial.

People have been joking about Gears of War coming to PlayStation, and I think the more, the merrier.

-Cliff Bleszinski

Microsoft likely holds similar beliefs, motivating the gaming giant to release more titles across other platforms. Previously, it was reported that the company estimated 10 million sales for Starfield and the recently revealed Indiana Jones on PlayStation.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that Gears of War would find similar success on such platforms.

Gears 5
Gears 5 Is Nearly Five Years Old

The next mainline Gears of War entry is already in development, but the IP’s future remains locked to Xbox for the time being. Microsoft has confirmed that titles like Starfield and Indiana Jones will stay exclusive, so the same should hold true for the other big franchises.

However, the future is always bound to change. In the rare instance that Microsoft decides to bring its iconic third-person series to PlayStation, Cliff Bleszinksi would be more than happy to celebrate the availability of this IP to more players.

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