Gears 6 Reportedly Set To Be Released In 2026

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The Gears franchise has been a pillar of the Xbox first-party lineup since the days of the Xbox 360. Having found its place among first-party games like Halo and Forza, the series is gearing up for its most anticipated entry, Gears 6.

While Gears 6 has not been announced yet, the game’s development is well underway, as revealed by job listings from The Coalition. More evidence for the game comes from reliable leakers like Jeff Grubb.

As such, The Coalition and Xbox are likely focused on releasing the best possible version of Gears for the new consoles, leading to a long development time. Recently, an Art Station profile has been spotted, pointing to a 2026 release window for Gears 6.

Why it matters: The Coalition has proven to be one of the best first-party studios for Xbox over the last generation, and the studio’s technical expertise with Unreal Engine leads to the potential for a generational showcase using the Xbox Series S|X consoles.

The Coalition Gears 6
Source: Art Station

David Masson San Gabriel is a senior concept artist with a rich background of experience in films and games.

The latest entry on his Art Station profile points to an unannounced game from The Coalition, with the artist lending his expertise to the studio. According to the profile, this project is slated to be released in 2026.

Earlier this year, the reliable leaker Jeff Grubb revealed that two smaller-scale projects had been recently canceled by The Coalition. The leaker believed this change led to the studio focusing completely on Gears 6.

Therefore, this project is likely to be the unannounced Gears game since The Coalition appears to be limited to one game for now.

Gears 5

If the release window on the profile is accurate, Microsoft could announce the game in 2024 or 2025. The gaming giant has been known to provide early looks at its games, revealing them well ahead of release.

A few months ago, another insider claimed that Gears 6 appears to be an impressive title. The next entry is expected to utilize Unreal Engine 5, finally leaving behind the last-generation Xbox One console.

Therefore, it has the potential to be a technical showcase for the Xbox Series S|X, much like the original game for the Xbox 360. Additionally, The Coalition’s new approach could potentially open the doors to the franchise experimenting with an open world.

It should be noted that this date may be a placeholder. However, since the studio is dedicated to the next Gears title, a 2026 release window does not sound too far-fetched for Gears 6.

As Xbox fans wait for Gears 6, Microsoft has already confirmed many high-quality first-party games for 2024 and beyond.

Games like Hellblade 2 and Fable are shaping up to be a few of the strongest releases from its lineup, with the former recently becoming fully playable ahead of its release next year.

Therefore, Xbox and its first-party games lineup have a bright future ahead, and Gears 6 will add even more excitement to an already exceptional lineup if the gaming giant can deliver on its promises.

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