Gears 6: JD Fenix Actor Points To Official Reveal In June

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Gears 6 Appears All But Confirmed For June!

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  • The voice actor of JD Fenix from recent Gears games has pointed to Gears 6.
  • He believes that The Coalition will share more information in June.
  • Since multiple past leaks have made similar claims, fans are more excited than ever for the Xbox Showcase.

Gears 6 is the most highly anticipated game for this year’s Xbox Showcase, and rightfully so. This franchise, once criticized for releasing games too frequently, has been on hiatus for five years.

The gap has led to renewed excitement for another game. Ahead of Microsoft’s usual showcase in June, a prominent voice actor from the series has tweeted an exciting teaser. According to the voice of JD Fenix, Gears 6 will likely show up in June.

Why it matters: This is not the first time a leak or hint has pointed to an incoming Gears 6 reveal. Recent hints from reputed insiders and developers suggest that The Coalition is not going to wait any later than June to unveil the project.

Gears 5
Gears Seems To Have Escaped Franchise Fatigue After The Recent Break

Liam McIntyre was originally cast in the series after The Coalition took over with Gears 4. Since then, the voice actor has starred in JD Fenix’s role.

When asked about the next game, he hardly beat around the bush, suggesting that The Coalition would reveal more information in June. It should be noted that the tweet Liam McIntyre replied to contains a major spoiler for Gears 5 and its ending.

For the unaware, JD Fenix is the son of Marcus Fenix, the original protagonist of Gears. The Coalition’s latest entries are centered around a newer generation of characters, making JD Fenix central to the last two mainline games.

Gears 6
Gears 6 Could Utilize New Technology Like Unreal Engine 5.4

Not too long ago, Epic Games announced Unreal Engine 5.4. Since The Coalition has a history of closely working with this studio and Gears 6 is reportedly based on Unreal Engine 5, it might ship with a few of this updated version’s defining features.

According to the official announcement, this revision makes it easier to achieve 60FPS on consoles, iron out the infamous shader compilation stutters, and improves the technology further for mainstream use.

Other reports about Gears 6 suggest the game will be a groundbreaking debut for Xbox. It is expected to feature stunning visuals and smooth 60FPS gameplay, returning the series to its old positions as one of the leading gaming graphics and technology showcases.

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