I Gave Fallout 76 Another Chance And So Should You

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Entirely Different Game From Launch!

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  • Following its TV adaptation’s success, fans are revisiting older Fallout games.
  • This also means a return to Fallout 76, which was considered somewhat of a black sheep in the franchise.
  • Despite a rough launch, Bethesda has managed to fix Fallout 76 via numerous updates, and it deserves a second chance.

The Fallout franchise has been through somewhat of a renaissance in 2024, thanks to its successful TV show adaptation. Many gamers find themselves revisiting older Fallout games just for nostalgia.

Fallout 4, regarded as one of the best modern RPGs from Bethesda, has seen a hike of over 90K concurrent players on Steam, a massive achievement considering the title was launched almost a decade ago.

That’s not all, though, as gamers have also given Fallout 76 another chance, a title often regarded as the black sheep of the franchise. However, since 2018, Fallout 76 has been on a path to redemption.

With constant updates that have evolved the living world of Fallout 76, the game truly deserves another chance.

Why it matters: Many players may have moved on from this live-service spin-off after the disastrous release in 2018. Therefore, it presents a new experience for those who haven’t returned in several years.

Bethesda’s Redemption

Fallout 76
Fallout 76 Made Millions Lose Hope In Bethesda

If you’re like me, who played Fallout 76 at launch, you’d know why the game has a troubled history. At release, it felt and played like an alpha version still under development, with features to be tested and bugs to be eliminated.

That wasn’t even the worst part, however. The game lacked basic NPCs at launch. To eliminate NPCs for an RPG franchise, which is famous for its interactions, was a shocking move by Bethesda.

Instead, players would find robots scattered throughout the map. The spinoff presented an online-only experience and was restricted to PVP combat instead of PVE, making it an abomination between multiplayer and single-player.

And what’s a Bethesda release if it isn’t filled with glitches, animation problems, and, generally, a technical disaster at launch? Fallout 76 had every possible issue that could’ve come with a game.

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A Second Chance For Fallout 76

I will credit Bethesda for sticking with the game, which is something not a lot of developers do these days.

Over the years, Bethesda has added nearly 20 significant updates that introduced new quests and added human NPCs. The crafting system was revamped, level scaling was improved, and expansions were added that introduced new maps with quests and tons of stuff to do.

All the updates make exploration a treat. As a new player, I was glad to see that Bethesda offered a level 20 dweller loadout from the beginning, making the initial progression less painful to get through.

Resources, in general, are also much more plentiful than I remember, while the stash is no longer limited to force inventory management. These small things add up and create a friendlier experience for new players.

Elsewhere, exploring locations like Atlantic City is quite enjoyable due to the general atmosphere of such locations. I also enjoyed the expeditions, which took me to The Pitt, a location based on remnants of Pittsburgh.

The different locations are packed with a large variety of content, and expeditions kept me interested in the different places. Moreover, building a base kept me engaged in my character’s progression.

Today, Fallout 76 has become a good game, and I certainly recommend that you try it out. The title boasts a diverse community that was surprisingly friendly to me as a new player.

Upon returning, I was greeted by helpful veterans willing to offer advice, and many even dropped resources like ammo frequently. Some were also hostile, but I appreciate the diverse player base, from newcomers to experienced players.

Don’t get me wrong, Fallout 76 is not a perfect game. It still exhibits poor AI and bugs, and the monetization can be too in your face at times, but the concept of an online Fallout game is better than ever today.

Like the thousands that are playing Fallout 76 right, I have spent the last weekend completely absorbed in this title, and these problems amounted to little more than small setbacks in an otherwise enjoyable experience.

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