Stellar Blade Receiving Negative Reviews Due To Eve’s Character Design

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Some Outlets Gave 6/10 Despite Enjoying Everything Else!

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  • Certain media outlets have given Stellar Blade lower scores because of Eve’s bold character design.
  • This has led to a dip in the average Metacritic score.
  • Most reviews are still solid, thanks to the many strengths of Shift Up’s first console game.

Stellar Blade reviews just came in, and the game sounds phenomenal. It has mostly received an 8 or 9/10 rating and even averaged a solid 83/100 Metacritic score at first.

However, the character action game is now receiving negative reviews due to Eve’s design.

Why it matters: Even before the game and demo were released, we knew Eve’s design would be a controversial topic of discussion. As expected, all the reviewers have not avoided this topic.

Stellar Blade reviews
60/100 Is The Lowest Score Any Critic Has Given The Game So Far

On Metacritic’s site, the game currently sits at a score of 82/100.

It averaged 83/100 initially and even dropped as low as 81/100 briefly. However, the only major criticism that the game is receiving seems to be related to Eve’s exaggerated design, which doesn’t make much sense.

What’s funny is that such negative reviews clearly state that the title is great when ignoring this issue. Therefore, it appears they have unfairly cut points just to bring attention to this topic.

There is still a lot to enjoy once you get past the flashes of flesh.

-Stellar Blade Review With 60/100 Rating

Stellar Blade review score
Negative Reviews Seem To Be Stuck On An Outdated Subject

Criticizing a ‘stellar game’ just because of the character design is hard to justify.

The game was clearly marketed with these elements at the forefront, so audiences and critics already knew what they were going to experience before the review copies were handed out. It was even given a Mature rating by various boards.

Fortunately, it seems most reviewers have not dwelled on this subject. Even the more critical reviews have discussed more meaningful topics like subpar voice acting or lack of interesting world-building instead of Eve’s character design.

Stellar Blade seems to be a throwback to old-school character action games. The current reception puts it in the same league as Lies of P, which was another excellent release from Korean developers recently.

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