Gears Remastered Collection Reportedly Playable Already

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Remasters Entered Internal Testing Phase!

Story Highlights
  • Rumors of a Gears Collection have surfaced again.
  • A new report states that finished builds of these remasters exist and are being playtested by the developers.
  • The report could not confirm if Gears of War Judgement would be included in the collection.

Gears of War has always been associated with the Xbox platform, becoming a pillar of Microsoft’s first-party identity. Development of the sixth mainline title has been progressing rapidly at The Coalition, but the series has been away for many years.

While the next big AAA release might not arrive for a few more years, The Coalition is reportedly planning a remastered collection to keep fans busy.

Why it matters: Four years after Gears 5 launched, audiences crave something new from this believed Xbox IP, even if it may end up retreading familiar ground.

As reported by Middleagegamegy, The Coalition is in the process of testing the Gears Collection. The leaker said:

“A Gears Collection is being internally tested as we speak.”

He pointed out that a finished build already exists, and the developers are currently playing the game.

Effectively serving as Gears of War’s version of Halo Master Chief Collection, these remasters will bring revamped visuals to the IP, bringing it over to new platforms like PC.

However, the leaker could not confirm if The Coalition had opted to remaster the trilogy alone. A game like Gears of War Judgement, while less popular, is still one of the better third-person shooters from the Xbox 360 era, leaving the studio with a crucial decision to make.

Rumors about potential Gears of War remasters have persisted for over a year at this point. Multiple sources have insisted that a collection of the games exists, and Middleagegamegy’s leak provides more credibility to such reports.

Still, he warned that the Gears Collection would not be revealed soon. Despite the incoming Xbox Developer Direct on 18 January, Xbox could hold on to this reveal for the annual showcase down the line.

Gears 6

A Gears Collection would serve a dual purpose. In addition to appealing to nostalgic fans and newcomers, The Coalition could gain a bit more experience with Unreal Engine 5 through these remasters.

As the powerhouse of the Xbox first-party studios, this team holds the responsibility to showcase the capabilities of the Xbox Series X. However, this can only happen if the team can squeeze everything out of the hardware and use Unreal Engine 5 to its fullest capabilities.

With the Gears Collection supposedly positioned as a stepping stone for Gears 6, The Coalition may return to the industry in full force soon. The latter is expected to arrive in 2026, possibly aligning with the launch of a new Xbox console the same year.

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