Arslan Ash Has Won Tekken World Tour 2023 Championship

The Undisputed GOAT of Tekken 7!

Story Highlights
  • Arslan Ash has finally won his first Tekken World Tour Finals.
  • He also won Evo Japan and Evo LA in 2023.
  • The talented Tekken player won the tournament without losing a single set.

The final Tekken World Tour for Tekken 7 has concluded. With the release of Tekken 8 quickly approaching, this event was a monumental conclusion to the epic saga of Tekken 7’s competitive history.

Going into the tournament, players from Pakistan and Korea were the favorites to take the trophy home. Among them, the likes of Ulsan, CBM, Knee, and Arslan Ash captured everyone’s attention after a history of strong performances.

Following hours of heart-stopping gameplay and thrilling Tekken 7 matches, Arslan Ash came out on top to win the Tekken World Tour 2023.

Why it matters: This victory means that Arslan Ash has won the three biggest Tekken 7 events of 2023. What makes it even more special is the fact that this was his first Tekken World Tour Finals win.

Arslan Ash reached the Grand Finals without losing a single set. In the past, he has shown similarly dominant performances at tournaments like Evo and Combo Breaker.

The Tekken prodigy was yet to take home a win for the Tekken World Tour, but he made sure to fix this mistake in the last major Tekken 7 event. During the tournament, his reliable Kunimitsu proved too formidable for the competition.

Arslan Ash also used Katarina in the Grand Finals, winning 3-1 against CBM’s Noctis. Following yet another skillful display, he has cemented his legacy as the best Tekken 7 player despite exploding in popularity much later than veterans like Knee.

With Tekken 8 mere days away, Arslan Ash undoubtedly has his eyes set on more championships in this game’s competitive scene. Thanks to a Beta and a demo, all competitive Tekken players have already had extensive hands-on time with the game.

Interestingly, the player has won an invitational tournament for Tekken 8 already, beating out past Evo champions like JDCR, Nobi, and Knee. Therefore, we would like to congratulate Pakistan and Arslan Ash, and we look forward to seeing more championships for him in the future.

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