Xbox Roasted For Saying Gameplay Is Priority Despite Releasing 30FPS Games

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Xbox Chose Worst Possible Time to Say This!

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  • Xbox has tweeted that gameplay is more important than graphics.
  • The statement comes after Hellblade 2 was announced to release with a locked 30FPS.
  • Many influential personalities are calling Xbox out for the statement’s ironic nature.

In a weird move, Xbox posted on Twitter that how a game plays is more important than how a game looks. While we agree with this stance, this comes at a very poor time since Ninja Theory announced that its flagship title, Hellblade 2, will run at 30FPS on the Xbox Series S|X. 

Why it matters: This statement is strange coming from a company that often seems to be doing the opposite.

The Tweet garnered the attention of various influential personalities.

As expected, people like the former Blizzard president Mike Ybarra are calling Xbox out, stating that the option should always be there. This is likely in reference to Hellblade 2’s focus on visuals, which led to a 30FPS cap on consoles.

Last year, Redfall launched without a 60FPS mode. Similarly, Starfield was capped at 30FPS on Xbox Series S|X. Hellblade 2 is the third major example of a game where Xbox prioritizes the looks more than the gameplay, making this tweet a bit bizarre.

Meanwhile, PlayStation has been quite consistent with 60FPS options. Almost all of its major releases have come with performance and fidelity modes.

Xbox called out
Xbox Has Received Many Replies On Its Tweet

One could argue that Hellblade 2 has taken graphics to a groundbreaking cinematic level. Still, the game is rather linear and has a smaller map, which could’ve been optimized for 60FPS.

As fans of Ninja Theory’s work, we are still excited about the game. However, the lack of 30FPS makes the PC platform more compelling as an option. If this tweet proves anything, it’s that Xbox should focus more on the gameplay moving forward.

Horizon Forbidden West is a great example of a game that looks and plays great.

The title has breathtaking visuals and supports up to 120FPS on PS5. If PlayStation can do it, we expect the same from Microsoft, especially considering the Xbox Series X is quite a bit more powerful than the PS5.

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