Bethesda Confirms Redfall 60FPS Patch Is Still In The Works

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Redfall is the lowest-rated Arkane Studios release to date, with a number of reasons contributing to the harsh criticism of the game. One such reason was the lack of 60FPS gameplay at release.

While Redfall was initially advertised with 60FPS gameplay, it launched with a 30FPS cap on Xbox Series S|X. This announcement was met with outrage, but Arkane Studios assured fans that 60FPS would be added to the game later.

Several months later, Arkane Studios has gone silent, providing no updates on the 60FPS mode and future fixes for Redfall. However, Pete Hines from Bethesda Softworks has recently confirmed that a 60FPS patch is still in the works.

Why it matters: Fans of Arkane Studios and Redfall were disappointed after the non-existent communication from the studio, but the latest update provides more hope for the game’s future.

Redfall PlayStation 5

During a recent interview with Gamesindustry, Bethesda Softworks’ Senior Vice President of marketing, Pete Hines, addressed the poor reception of Redfall.

He stated that Bethesda Softworks is always in the process of learning. While the publisher cannot create flawless games, it motivates its studio to improve with each new release.

Pete Hines went on to say that Redfall was not the first instance of a poorly received launch from the studio. The publisher did not get the reception it had hoped for, but this has not deterred the studio from supporting Redfall.

He then confirmed the 60FPS update again and said:

“We’re going to keep working on it. We’re going to do 60fps.”


The Vice President of Marketing also pointed to Game Pass and its everlasting appeal. He claimed that Arkane Studios will support Redfall because new players will continue to join the subscription.

The vampire-slaying FPS will remain on the service for the foreseeable future, so Pete Hines believes Arkane Studios has a responsibility to get the game up to par with Microsoft’s high bar of quality for first-party games.

Pete Hines did not provide an exact timeframe for the upcoming update, but his words will be comforting for fans who had nearly lost hope in Redfall. Arkane Studios has already begun hiring for its next game, but the studio appears to be working on improvements for its latest release alongside the future project.

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