Stellar Blade Dev Says Frame Rate Is Very Important For Games

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60FPS Gaming Is More Important Than Ever!

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  • Stellar Blade just went gold.
  • As the game approaches its launch, the director has shared his thoughts on the importance of frame rates.
  • He believes frame rates are very important, confirming once again that Stellar Blade will not ship without 60FPS.

Following the announcement of 30FPS in Hellblade 2, the debate around frame rates has resurfaced. As Ninja Theory aims to create the best-looking game possible, the team has glossed over an essential part of the experience.

Gaming at 60FPS or higher is not new in 2024, and console players expect this frame rate for each new release. The Stellar Blade 2 director has also offered his thoughts on the topic, stating that frame rates are among the most important parts of any game.

Why it matters: Xbox has recently come under fire for releasing many of its first-party offerings without 60FPS modes.

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade Appears To Borrow Elements From Various Renowned Games

During a recent interview with PlayStation Blog, the game’s director reiterated that Stellar Blade comes with multiple graphics modes.

He stated that players can choose to play at 30FPS or 60FPS as they wish. However, he also emphasized the importance of 60FPS gaming.

I think frame rate is one of the most important factors for games.

-Kim Hyung Tae

The director believes this is even more true for action games, so two of the three Stellar Blade graphical modes aim for 60FPS. However, players can also enjoy the game at 4K 30FPS.

We agree with the director’s approach since 60FPS instantly improves any game. The more responsive and fluid gameplay is an immediate enhancement, and it can be jarring to go back to 30FPS gaming once you get used to the former.

Fortunately, the current generation is full of 60FPS games, with very few releases being the exception. Even among Xbox’s studios, we expect high-fidelity games like Gears 6 to run at 60FPS.

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade Is Quite Impressive On A Technical Level

Shift Up has made no compromises for Stellar Blade, resulting in impressive pre-order performance ahead of launch. The game has also garnered praise for an impressive demo.

Stellar Blade is right around the corner for those looking to play a new game this month. Arriving on the 26th, it certainly appears to be a game worth making time for. The developers have also confirmed that the title has just gone gold today.

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