PS5 Pro: Sony Wants 60FPS Games But Will Accept 30FPS If Needed

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30FPS Expected For GTA 6 & Other Intensive Games!

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  • The latest report on Sony’s PS5 Pro states that it wants to target 60FPS gaming.
  • However, the gaming giant will also settle for 30FPS when this is not possible.
  • CPU-bound games like Dragon’s Dogma 2 and GTA 6 are likely to still run at 30FPS.

PS5 Pro leaks are no longer surprising since they continue to arrive every other week. Sony has also indirectly confirmed the leaks by removing a video detailing the specs after it asked developers to begin preparing games for the console.

An insider now shares that Sony wants to target 60FPS gaming for the console, but it will settle for 30FPS in certain cases.

Why it matters: Titles like GTA 6, which are expected to arrive next year, might not be able to hit 60FPS despite the upgraded specifications.

PlayStation PS5 Pro
PS5 Pro Will Be Great For Ray Tracing

The Verge has recently corroborated more of the PS5 Pro leaks. The source has now discussed the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution(PSSR) and Sony’s criteria for the PS5 Pro enhanced label.

The gaming giant wants 4K 60FPS gameplay with ray-tracing ideally, but a game can be considered enhanced without including all of these. Therefore, higher resolution or superior ray tracing alone could qualify for the label.

However, Sony’s willingness to accept 30FPS confirms what everyone already expected. CPU-bound titles are unlikely to go from 30FPS to 40FPS on the console, let alone 60FPS.

Games like Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Gotham Knights, where the GPU is not the primary bottleneck, will, therefore, remain stuck at 30FPS. Still, developers may be able to use the GPU headroom for enhanced visuals in such games.

Therefore, GTA 6, which is expected to push visuals, should look the best on this console if it runs at 30FPS.

PS5 Pro
PS5 Pro Is Expected To Arrive Later This Year

According to the report, Sony says that unpatched games are unlikely to see much improvement. Therefore, the developers will need to update their games to Sony’s latest SDK to use the hardware.

Ultimately, Sony’s acceptance of 30FPS was inevitable, even if it may be disappointing.

Without a proper CPU revamp, the consoles are bound to run into hurdles when attempting to push games to 60FPS. Fortunately, the PS5 Pro will still offer AI-based upscaling, higher-resolution gameplay, and more impressive ray tracing.

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