Final Fantasy 16 Producer Wants Single Console For Whole Industry

No Exclusivity And Easier To Create Games!

Final Fantasy 16 was released for the PS5 console in June. While the game has already sold over 3 million units, it failed to reach the figures Square Enix had hoped for.

This could be attributed to the game’s PlayStation exclusivity, as it is expected to arrive on PC next year. Apart from PC players, Xbox players were also left out and may never be able to play the game.

On the subject of consoles, the Final Fantasy 16 Producer, Naoki Yoshida, spoke about different platforms on the market. He believes there should be only one console, which would benefit gamers and developers.

Why it matters: One console would allow the developers to optimize without having to worry about other platforms. It would also eliminate the concept of exclusivity in the industry.

YouTube video

During a Youtube video with Muyao 4 Super Player, Naoki Yoshida talked about the rivalry between console manufacturers and the concept of exclusivity. When asked about his preference, he said:

“I probably should not say this, but I wish there was only one.”

While Naoki Yoshida has recently produced an exclusive title, it should not be surprising that the developer does not care much about exclusivity.

Developers are known to be extremely passionate about their work, and it is always beneficial for them when their games can reach a wider audience, something that is made harder due to exclusivity.

Elaborating on his statement, the Final Fantasy 16 Producer said:

“It would be better for both the developers and the players.”

From a developer’s point of view, a single platform would reduce development costs and time. Studios would not need to optimize for the unique architectures and complexities of each system.

On the other hand, every player would benefit in this situation, with all games being available to millions of players. In the past, the CEO of Microsoft has cited similar reasons for his motivations for ending console exclusivity.

While both of the main projects of Naoki Yoshida are currently exclusive to PlayStation, Final Fantasy 14 has been confirmed for Xbox Series S|X consoles. The MMO is gearing up for an open beta this year and a full release in 2024.

Despite the developer’s hopes, exclusivity is here to stay, with each console manufacturer competing to develop more first-party exclusives and sign deals for third-party games.

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