The Day Before To Be Completely Shut Down on 22 Jan

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The Scam Ends On 22 January!

Story Highlights
  • The Day Before was a scam that disappointed many players on release.
  • Shortly after release, the game lost most players, which resulted in the closure of the developer.
  • A few days later, the game’s servers are being shut down on 22 January.

The Day Before is the biggest fraud of 2023 in the gaming industry. The game’s trailer copied voiceover from the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, showed scripted gameplay, and sold the game through features non-existent in the early access build.

While games like Gollum and Redfall were all disappointing, The Day Before outshined everything in 2023. With 85% negative reviews and a rapid decline in player base, the studio closed down less than a week after its big release.

It has also been confirmed that the game’s server will be completely shut down on 22 January 2024.

Why it matters: The Day Before had plenty of anticipation behind it, if only for the fact that it looked oddly suspicious from the beginning.

The developer said on Twitter:

“The Day Before will be retired and the servers will be turned off on 22 January.

The latest message appears to come from developer Fntastic, who recently shrugged off the whole situation.

On the other hand, publisher Mytona was working with Steam to issue refunds. The Twitter message confirms refunds are still being processed, with Steam more involved than before.

Fntastic has expressed its gratitude to the community through the message. While it tried to justify the situation mere days ago, the studio appears to have gone through a sudden change of heart.

Since the game was still up and running after being delisted, many third-party sites were scalping it for up to $300. However, with the servers now being shut down, these keys will become useless next month.

The message also offers an apology for the terrible situation. However, it does not seem to be doing much since players are calling the team out for the scam and fraud in the replies.

The Day Before

This officially concludes the sad journey of The Day Before. What was once expected to be the evolution of MMO games from an underrated developer will only be remembered for its broken promises.

While the game may have sold 100K copies, nearly everyone will likely refund their purchase.

With the servers still being up, The Day Before had not completely died out. Many players were streaming the game, playing it out of curiosity, while others were reading about it online.

However, there is little reason to care about this project now, and we expect everyone to completely forget about it in the coming days, and rightfully so.

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