The Day Before Sold Over 100K Copies Before Studio Closure

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200K Total Sales But 50% Refunded!

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  • The CEO of Fntastic claims that the game sold over 100K copies.
  • Though the game initially sold around 200K units, half of the purchase has been refunded.
  • The game has failed financially despite these results.

The Day Before has become famous for all the wrong reasons. Following broken promises and a blatant scam, the game was review-bombed on Steam. This eventually led to studio Fntastic announcing its closure days after the MMO launched.

Despite the studio claiming The Day Before was a financial failure, leaks show that it sold at least 100K copies despite 80% of the reviews being negative.

Why it matters: The sales figures show that many players were enticed by the initial promises of this MMO and bought it based on the trailers alone.

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Soon after the official announcement of the closure, the CEO of Fntastic, Eduard Gotovtsev, shared an internal message on the team’s Discord channel.

The CEO confirmed that The Day Before only managed to sell around 109K copies since launch. Though the actual sales figures went up to 200K copies, half of those were refunded and didn’t count toward Fntastic’s final goal.

According to the CEO, the release failed in every way, performing worse than the team’s last release, Propnight. He also stated that the developers must maintain the Nitrado servers, which is a contract costing $1 million annually.

Interestingly, it is suspected that the studio will not be taking any of the revenue home. Since Valve is now aware of the entire situation, Fntastic may not be able to benefit from these shady practices.

The Day Before

Though the game was marketed as a live service title, it is likely to be shut down for good in the coming days. The game has already lost 90% of its players within a few days of release.

It is also no longer available to buy on Steam after the studio shut down. Therefore, all players will likely be refunded, with The Day Before becoming known as a massive scam from this studio.

The Day Before was many things, including an overhyped game, a shallow MMO, and a buggy launch. Unfortunately, most of those things were not among the initial promises from this studio.

Thanks to Steam’s refund feature, many buyers have avoided Fntastic’s shady tactics. However, this is a lesson for the future, hinting that gamers should be wary of such marketing tactics in the future.

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