PCSX2 Emulator Now Capable of Running 99% of PS2 Titles

Relive Your Childhood With PCSX2!

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  • The PCSX2 emulator allows PC gamers to enjoy thousands of PS2 games.
  • Over two decades of work have allowed this emulator to play 99% of the console’s library.
  • A new and stable build of PCSX2 is being worked on.

Emulation is a major part of the qualities that make PC gaming special for millions. Among the most popular emulators, the likes of PCSX2, RPCS3, and various Nintendo Switch emulators are well known.

Through RPCS3, PC gamers can experience a significant chunk of the PS3’s library, while Nintendo Switch emulators provide the only method to enjoy Red Dead Redemption on PC.

Meanwhile, PCSX2 allows access to the vast library of the PS2. This console is often considered PlayStation’s greatest hardware release, and 99% of its games are now playable thanks to the emulator.

Why it matters: The emulator has come a long way since its release in 2002. Its current state is the result of decades of efforts, culminating in the definitive PS2 experience on PC.

PS2 library

In 2023, PCSX2 has achieved a big feat. According to its compatibility page, hardly any games are still a problem for the emulator.

With 99% of PS2 games being playable, classics like God of War 2 and Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 are no longer locked to ancient hardware that is no longer supported and cannot be fully emulated on modern PlayStation consoles.

Considering the enormous library and widespread appeal of Sony’s second console, this is a major milestone for the team. The developers are also preparing to launch a ‘completely stable’ version of the emulator for a bug-free experience.

All ROMs of PS2 games currently available should function flawlessly once it reaches that point. For those looking to use the PCSX2 emulator, you can download the stable version from here.

As expected, a few games still have issues. When Sony offered its own PS2 backward compatibility solution for the first PS3 models, the consoles also came with a few bugs and quirks of their own.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that a few smaller problems still exist in PCSX2.

YouTube video

Apart from this incredible PS2 emulator, an emulator for the PS4 is in development from the talented team behind RPCS3. While this emulator is still new, the developers have been able to boot Bloodborne already, hinting at rapid progress.

The PS2 came out over 23 years ago and is firmly seated as the best-selling console of all time. With such a strong legacy, PCSX2 is an incredible asset to the emulation community, helping game preservation and ease of access for thousands of titles.

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