The Day Before Already Among Top 10 Worst Rated Games on Steam

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Devs Now Removing Trailers To Hide Promises!

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  • The Day Before went from being a highly anticipated game to one of the worst-rated games on Steam.
  • The official Discord was shut down due to overwhelmingly negative feedback.
  • The studio was also quick to take down all the trailers from their YouTube channel.

The Day Before is having one terrible early access launch day. Once a highly anticipated zombie MMO, the game has crashed and burned on Steam, landing itself among the ten worst-rated games on Steam.

Within just one day of its Early Access debut on December 7, 2023, the game took a serious nosedive, leaving a lot of players feeling let down and annoyed.

Why it matters: The game is full of game-breaking bugs and other issues that don’t help Fntastic, leading to a frustrated and angered community.

The Day Before Top 10 Worst Rated Steam Games
Credit: SteamDB

The Day Before made a big entrance into the gaming world, generating a lot of anticipation. It climbed to the second spot on Steam’s wishlist chart before its release.

But when it hit early access today, things didn’t go as expected. The game received a flood of reviews, with 85% being ‘overwhelmingly negative.’ And now, this MMO has entered the list of the top 10 worst-rated games on the platform, according to Steam250 and SteamDB.

In the most recent update, The Day Before sits at a low rank of 75,685 out of 75,694 rated games on Steam, putting it in the bottom ten games of all time. Out of 11,252 user reviews, a whopping 9,787 are negative, giving a grim outlook for a game that was once highly anticipated.

Regardless, NBA 2K24 remains the worst-rated game on Steam. However, this is only the beginning of the game’s downfall. The Day Before’s Discord server went on lockdown due to a flood of bug reports and player feedback.

The community was hit with unreachable servers, glitchy maps, a lack of players and enemies, and a messed-up inventory system. Fntastic acknowledged the difficulties in a statement, admitting that the early access release posed quite a challenge.

Furthermore, Fntastic took down the game’s trailer from their YouTube channel earlier today. Players on social media are beginning to call it a “full-blown scam.”

The studio seemingly released a day-one patch to address the critical issues. This patch, as mentioned by Fntastic, tackles problems such as duplicates, serious crashes, stash issues (items disappearing), and a shortage of zombies.

However, according to many reviews, the patch doesn’t seem to fix any of these issues. Many players report that they have not seen any improvement whatsoever.

The fate of The Day Before currently hangs in the balance. Although Fntastic promises to make things better, winning back trust and proving the game can match its initial hype is a tough task.

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