Spider-Man 2 Online Planned For 2024 According To Latest Leak

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Wolverine Will Also Offer Online Experience!

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  • Another leak has revealed the roadmap for Insomniac Games’ future multiplayer ambitions.
  • The developers may be planning to release Spider-Man 2 Online sometime in 2024.
  • Apart from Spider-Man 2, the leaked roadmap suggested online modes for Wolverine and X-Men.

The latest wave of Insomniac leaks has revealed more details about Spider-Man 2 and its development. With a budget of $315 million, this project is easily the studio’s most expensive to date.

Another leak hints at the studio’s plans to expand this title further. According to a document, Insomniac may be planning to release an online multiplayer game based on Spider-Man 2.

Why it matters: The studio has been hiring people with multiplayer experience for many years, and it seems the developer is almost ready to showcase its efforts from the past years.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

As shared on Reddit, Insomniac’s leaked roadmap not only references an X-Men game but also mentions Spider-Man 2 Online. According to the image, this game will be released in 2024.

While the image suggests this could be a standalone release, fans have speculated that it will be more of an add-on to the existing game. Therefore, the developer may take an approach similar to Ghost of Tsushima Legends from Sucker Punch Productions.

Still, with the recent leaks from the studio, future plans could suffer setbacks. The current situation might make it difficult for the developer to release Spider-Man 2 Online in 2024 after nearly everything about projects like Wolverine was made public recently.

Interestingly, the roadmap suggests an online game is planned for Marvel’s Wolverine, which is supposedly targeting a 2026 release. The online mode could arrive in the same year, possibly adding an element of co-op to the game.

According to the leak, the X-Men game coming in 2030 will get its own online mode. All three online modes are mentioned as multiplayer 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 in the roadmap, suggesting that these are big projects for the studio.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Adding to the leaks, a user has shared concept art for an ambitious Spider-Man MMO game, showing multiple heroes, villains, and characters. This project could also be related to the recently discussed references to a Spider-Verse game.

While this MMO seems to have been in development at one point, Insomniac canceled it to focus on its single-player titles. Therefore, it remains to be seen if Spider-Man 2’s multiplayer component will see the light of day.

The developer is currently going through a rough period. Following the leaks, Insomniac has yet to comment on the situation, but we hope the team can recover from this ransomware attack as soon as possible. 

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