The Day Before Keys Being Sold For Up To $230 After Steam Delisting

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Scam Becomes An Even Greater Scam!

Story Highlights
  • The Day Before was removed from Steam a few days after its launch.
  • Following this conclusion, it can no longer be bought on the platform but remains playable.
  • This has led to a surge in third-party key prices, leading to sites charging hundreds of dollars for the game.

In the aftermath of the events surrounding The Day Before, everyone has realized studio Fntastic’s elaborate scam.

Like the users, Steam was quick to come to this realization, and the game is no longer available to buy on the platform. However, there is still a way for curious users to try the game.

The Day Before is currently available from third-party key sellers for outrageous prices.

Why it matters: Such sites appear to be using the game’s controversy to their advantage, hoping to profit from this bizarre situation.

The Day Before

According to, multiple sites are still selling The Day Before. For as big of a scam as this MMO was, the game is not unplayable on Steam. However, its rarity is working in the game’s favor, leading to a massive spike in prices.

The platform shows the lowest price being at $234. However, some sites are charging even more. Those desperate enough to play the game after it was delisted can buy it for $300 from websites like Kinguin.

A spike in prices is typically a common phenomenon for games that are delisted or pulled from digital stores. In the past, titles like Mortal Kombat 9 were removed from Steam, and they currently sell for a higher price than recent entries like Mortal Kombat 11.

Anyhow, we recommend staying away from The Day Before. The game was never worth it, to begin with, and these prices only make the value proposition even worse.

The Day Before

The Day Before has been a complete flop. Within a few days, the game lost most of its players, and nearly half of its buyers applied for refunds. Despite the controversy, developer Fntastic tried to deflect and said:

“S**t happens.”

Following these events, the developer is unlikely to return to the industry in the future with a similar plan. For now, only The Day Before has been left as a remnant of an elaborate scam, highlighting that players should not buy into a game before doing their research.

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