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Helldivers 2 Dev Wants To Match The Success of Sony IPs Like God of War

The director of Helldivers 2 has recently claimed that it is his childhood dream to see the game become as big as God of War.

God of War Ragnarok PC Port Coming In 2025, Says Insider

According to a new rumor, the God of War Ragnarok PC port could arrive by Q1 of 2025 as PlayStation continues to leverage PC gaming.

God of War Ragnarok Crowned Best PlayStation Exclusive In Huge Poll

In Sony's official tournament for the best PlayStation exclusive, God of War Ragnarok emerged as the winner.

Multiple God of War Games in Development, Sources Suggest

A new leak suggests multiple God of War games are in the works from both Santa Monica Studios and external teams.

Helldivers 2 Overtakes God of War As PlayStation’s Biggest PC Launch

Helldivers 2 has left every PlayStation game on Steam behind in terms of concurrent player counts, becoming the company's biggest PC launch.

God of War Is PlayStation’s Best Franchise, Fans Claim

Despite owning IPs like Uncharted and The Last of Us, PlayStation's best franchise is still God of War, according to fans.

Sony Refuses To Comment on God of War Remasters Amid Recent Leak

Amid reports of remasters of the God of War trilogy, Santa Monica Studio recently dodged a question about bringing these games back.

God of War Ragnarok Valhalla Outclasses Most Paid DLCs

Santa Monica Studio's first major DLC for God of War has knocked it out of the park in each aspect, redefining the character of Kratos again.

God of War 3 Is Most Popular Game In PS Plus Classics Catalog

The massive PlayStation leak has revealed that God of War, released 13 years ago, is the most popular game in the PS Plus classics catalog.

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