Uncharted Fans Demand Remakes of Iconic Trilogy

The Franchise Began 16 Years Ago!

Story Highlights
  • It has been 16 years since the original Uncharted was released.
  • As the franchise turned 16, fans asked Naughty Dog to consider remakes of this trilogy.
  • The franchise has always prioritized high production values through animations and visuals. Therefore, remakes would help these games return to their former glory.

Uncharted has long been considered Naughty Dog’s claim to fame. As the IP that introduced a unique blend of over-the-top gameplay and cinematic moments, this franchise holds a special place for millions of fans.

Recently, both Uncharted 2 and 3 celebrated their anniversaries. Naughty Dog has also noted that the first game that started it all is now 16 years old, leading to a new demand.

While the story of Nathan Drake came to a beautiful conclusion in Uncharted 4, fans are eager for another game, flooding Naughty Dog’s replies asking for remakes of the trilogy.

Why it matters: The original trilogy is no longer cutting edge in terms of visuals, animations, and gameplay like it used to be, losing some of its charm in the process.

The last Uncharted game was a standalone spin-off featuring Chloe and Nadine. Since then, the series has remained ignored for six years.

Naughty Dog updated the last two Uncharted titles for the PS5, recently bringing these games to PC. Interestingly, this collection was among PlayStation’s weakest PC launches, possibly due to the lack of prior games on PC.

When the PC port was released, it was already clear that demand for this franchise existed among more than just PlayStation users. But fans believe these entries deserve the remake treatment, and 2015’s remaster isn’t enough.

The Uncharted IP has always boasted class-leading visuals and technology. Therefore, these games are still quite playable today despite their age. However, Naughty Dog made incredible leaps between the third and fourth entries.

Apart from the clear difference in visuals, the games made for the PS4 feel much better to play. Therefore, this request is not invalid. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, in particular, could gain a lot from being remade.

This entry is typically considered the weakest of the trilogy since Naughty Dog hadn’t figured out the best direction for Uncharted before the second game.

Since The Last of Us was recently remade, we don’t see why the same can’t be done for Uncharted. Naughty Dog is also remastering The Last of Us Part 2,  showing a willingness to breathe new life into older projects.

First-party PlayStation teams like Bluepoint Games have shown proficiency in remakes through releases like Demon’s Souls. The studio was also involved in the PS4 Uncharted remasters, so it is already familiar with the franchise.

Though Bluepoint Games may be busy for now, Naughty Dog can easily outsource such remakes if there is enough demand and PlayStation sees a benefit in pursuing the franchise again.

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