Hellblade 2 Reportedly Launches 21 May As First Xbox Release In 2024

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Xbox's Biggest Release This Year!

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  • Hellblade 2 will be released on 21 May, according to a new leak.
  • The release date should be confirmed during the Xbox Developer Direct on 18 January.

Hellblade 2 is one of the games confirmed for the Xbox Developer Direct. Thanks to various trailers and behind-the-scenes footage, anticipation for this release has been steadily building for many years, and it seems Ninja Theory is finally ready to unleash its latest project.

While the Developer Direct is still two days away, popular leaker eXtas1s claims Hellblade 2 will launch on 21 May.

Why it matters: Hellblade 2 is Ninja Theory’s most ambitious game yet, leaving its predecessor in the dust. The team has previously stated that it will make the first game look like an indie release.

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As reported by Exputer, Microsoft will officially confirm the game’s release date during its upcoming mini-showcase. Previously, Hellblade 2 was slated for 2024, but many expected the game to arrive later in the year.

According to leaker extas1s, this information comes from reliable sources. In the past, this leaker has accurately reported on various events, establishing a fairly decent track record for such reports.

Apart from extas1s, Rand-al-thor 19 from the Xbox Two podcast has pointed to a similar release window. Given the lack of major AAA releases in May, this window could allow Hellblade 2 to shine in the spotlight as the biggest title of the month.

Hellblade 2

With the likes of Avowed, Towerborne, and possibly Indiana Jones lined up for 2024, Hellblade 2 has been built up as Xbox’s biggest game this year. Microsoft expects the game to score 90/100, becoming its biggest AAA hit of the generation so far.

While the anticipation for the event was already high, this report has added to the buzz surrounding the Developer Direct. We hope to see one last trailer for the game on Thursday, followed by a firm release date.

Like Phil Spencer, we look forward to Hellblade 2 as one of the most exciting games in 2024, so this report is quite encouraging.

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