Hellblade 2: Xbox Expects 90/100 Score After Internal Reviews

Could Be Xbox's GOTY Contender In 2024!

Story Highlights
  • Hellblade 2 has been marketed as the biggest Xbox Series S|X release in 2024.
  • A reliable leaker states Microsoft’s internal reviews predict a Metacritic score above 90/100 for the game.
  • However, Microsoft’s prediction was completely off the mark with Redfall in the past.

The 2024 lineup for Xbox Series S|X is packed with numerous anticipated games. Yet, among these titles, Hellblade 2 stands out as the obvious highlight, holding the potential to become one of the best releases of 2024.

The game is playable from start to finish already, and Microsoft appears to have begun internal reviews last year before finally unleashing Helblade 2. According to a report, these reviews have been quite promising, with the game ending up with scores above 90/100.

Why it matters: Despite the varied list of first-party games from Xbox last year, Hi-Fi Rush ended up being the gaming giant’s best-rated title, staying just below the 90/100 Metacritic average.

YouTube video

Speaking on the latest Spawncast podcast, leaker Nate The Hate pointed to Microsoft’s expectations for this first-party release. He stated:

“The internal Metacritic score that Microsoft had for the game was in the 90s.”

He then pointed out that this score might not have come from mock reviews, with Microsoft choosing to conduct internal reviews for the time being. Still, a score above 90/100 would make Hellblade 2 one of the few Xbox games with such critical acclaim.

While Hellblade 2 certainly looks worthy of this score, Microsoft’s internal testing has not been the most accurate in the past. Last year, Phil Spencer pointed out that Redfall’s scores were tracking much higher during mock reviews than the final reception.

In a disappointing turn of events, the game ended up at an average score of 56/100 on the platform, missing the target by a massive delta. However, because this game must have taught Xbox a huge lesson, the gaming giant’s internal review process has likely evolved since then.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Each new Hellblade 2 trailer since the initial reveal has shown an ambitious project from Ninja Theory. In addition to industry-defining visuals and technology, the game’s narrative seems to be building toward a depth rarely seen in Xbox’s first-party offerings.

Therefore, we can see the game hitting a Metacritic score in the low 90s if it launches in a polished state and fulfills all of its promises from the initial marketing.

Despite the anticipation, Hellblade 2 is yet to receive a definitive release date. However, with Microsoft reportedly planning a new Developer Direct this month, Ninja Theory could showcase its game during the live stream and finally announce a release date soon.

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