Prototype 3 Should Be Xbox’s Priority After Activision Merger

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The Destructive Fun of Prototype Remains Unmatched!

Story Highlights
  • The Prototype games offered open-world madness with a power fantasy that stood out among AAA games.
  • Prototype 3 could utilize modern hardware and destructible environments to elevate the experience.
  • Activision needs to step away from Call of Duty and experiment with such IPs again.

Prototype is an under-appreciated franchise featuring brutal anti-heroes. Made by Radical Entertainment, the Canadian studio that is no longer around, this series was once iconic for its superpower-fueled mayhem, but its future remains uncertain.

In 2009, Activision released Prototype, and gamers who tried it knew it was something special. Despite the first game’s popularity, the 2012 sequel left many feeling the story wasn’t properly wrapped up.

Fans have always craved more from the series, and now, with Activision under Microsoft, there’s renewed hope for Prototype 3 in the future.

Why it matters: Activision is too focused on pushing out new Call of Duty games every year with little creativity. The studio needs to take a break from COD and consider reviving franchises like Prototype due to the potential for a unique and fresh experience.

Fans Demand Prototype 3

Prototype 1 & 2 Were So Good

The original Prototype in 2009 paved the way for a unique open-world experience at the time. Players took on the role of Alex Mercer, a bioweapon prototype infected with the Blacklight virus, with a simple goal: consume, evolve, conquer.

This unique premise unfolded in the gloomy backdrop of New York City, providing an atmosphere fitting of such a dark narrative. Initially intrigued by the setting, I remember being immediately pulled in by mechanics like the ability to transform into tendrils to grab soldiers from rooftops, glide like a shadow among skyscrapers, and demolish tanks with my bare hands.

Combat was a fierce dance of shape-shifting attacks and environmental chaos that allowed me to rule as the apex predator in a concrete jungle playground. Prototype 2 expanded on this foundation, adding a dash of sci-fi conspiracy.

James Heller, a soldier with the evolved Blacklight virus, sought revenge against Mercer’s legacy. The infected cityscape expanded, bringing in vast underground tunnels and a broader range of mutations.

Heller’s powers became more savage, with razor-sharp claws and tendrils charged with electrical venom. Despite occasional story stumbles, the gameplay stayed engaging, a constant stream of chaos.

However, both games had their flaws. Repetitive missions, a sometimes lackluster story, and occasional technical glitches detracted from the experience. Still, the core concept remained alluring: the unrestrained power fantasy of becoming a shape-shifting monster in a sandbox begging for destruction.

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Prototype 3 Would be a Breath of Fresh Air

The gaming scene has evolved significantly, with open-world games becoming more elaborate, stories growing more detailed, and combat becoming smoother. But in the sea of refined AAA experiences, there’s a gap craving the unfiltered chaos Prototype brought.

In today’s games, we often see protagonists facing moral dilemmas. Prototype, on the other hand, flips the script, allowing players to revel in the primal joy of becoming an unstoppable force of nature.

It’s a therapeutic ride, a way to let off steam from the stresses of daily life. Picture navigating through a busy city, tearing mechs apart with your bare hands, and smoothly blending into the crowd like an ordinary civilian.

Modern tech could take this power fantasy to new levels with improved physics, destructible surroundings, and AI responding to your monstrous mayhem.

Prototype 3 Deserves To Happen

A Chance To Provide Improved Combat & Story

While both Prototype games delivered intense and savage combat with claws, tendrils, and shape-shifting abilities, there’s room for improvement. Imagine a skill tree enabling players to focus on particular mutations, shaping a custom-made war beast.

Furthermore, there is the option for grappling hooks made of living tissue, bio-electric whips zapping helicopters, or the power to absorb and mimic enemy weapons. The potential for ruthless yet tactical combat knows no bounds, thanks to the latest leaps in animation and game design.

Prototype 2 teased a richer backstory but left it hanging. A fresh installment could dig into the roots of the Blacklight virus, the reasons behind different factions, and the fallout of deploying such a powerful bioweapon.

The story could touch on ideas like transhumanism, the ethics of power, and the essence of identity in a world where humanity is transforming. A compelling narrative could lift the experience beyond mere brawling, infusing meaning and impact into the players’ decisions.

Prototype 3

Fans Demand a New Prototype Game

Itโ€™s been nearly 14 years since the last Prototype game came out, and fans are yearning for a new installment in the franchise. A fan has started a petition asking Activision to develop Prototype 3 to give the franchise the closure it deserves, and the petition has received almost 1000 signatures.

On Twitter, a user recently sparked a discussion about the decade-old franchise. In a tongue-in-cheek comment, they said:

“If Microsoft doesn’t push Activision for a new Prototype game, I might just toss my Xbox console from the seventh floor.”

One user mentioned that without Microsoft revisiting the franchise, they wouldn’t have fully tapped into the potential gained through acquiring Activision.

Another user discussed Microsoft’s potential strategies to promote the game, comparing Activision and Insomniac, noting that Activision has consistently excelled in the world of superhero games before.

This genre is going through a major resurgence now, and Activision should certainly consider making its return.


This franchise met an untimely demise at the hands of Activision. The publisher’s decision to shut down Radical in 2012, blaming the second game’s supposed commercial failure, is still controversial.

Despite remasters for Prototype 1 & 2, the odds of Prototype 3 are uncertain. Activision Blizzard, busy with Call of Duty, hasn’t shown much enthusiasm for bringing back its older IPs. Yet, there’s hope after the changes made in 2023.

With Xbox leading the charge, older IPs could come back one after another as the gaming giant builds a first-party portfolio capable of competing with the best of the industry. Toward this end, Prototype could serve as stiff competition for PlayStation’s Spider-Man and X-Men games.

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