Starfield Now Boasts 6200 Mods & 33 Million Downloads

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Starfield Modding Scene Already Going Strong!

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  • Bethesda’s games are famous for their modding communities.
  • Continuing the tradition, Starfield has received over 6,200 mods already.
  • Over 33 million mods have been downloaded on Nexus Mods.

Starfield, like its predecessor, was always expected to grow a modding scene during its lifespan. Because of the studio’s history, the promise of community-curated content that builds on Bethesda’s work has kept millions coming back to the game, making Starfield the most-played RPG of 2023.

According to Nexus Mods, over 6000 mods are already available for the game.

Why it matters: Todd Howard has said that Bethesda designed Starfield with long-term support in mind. Therefore, the team seems to have fulfilled its vision, with modders already spending a lot of time on the title.


Over on Nexus Mods, over 33 million users have downloaded various mods for the game.

These mods can range from additions like mech suits, Frame Generation, a FOV slider, seamless traversal, and more. Interestingly, many of these missing features are also beginning to show in the game from Bethesda.

Several months after the release, the perception of Starfield has shifted. Many have begun to consider the game mediocre, so mods serve the purpose of keeping the experience fresh through new concepts and quality-of-life changes.

In the past, modders completely revamped Bethesda games like Skyrim. Through mods that alter gameplay, visuals, and more, The Elder Scrolls 5 can be turned into a completely different title that retains the original charm of a Bethesda RPG.

However, that modding community is much more mature than Starfield’s. With enough time, we expect a similar number of mods for Bethesda’s latest release.


For those who are not fond of third-party content, Bethesda is expected to introduce official mod support to the game this year. This will also open up modding for consoles like the Xbox Series S|X, bringing similarly bizarre and unique experiences to a larger range of players.

Over 12 million players have visited the massive world of Starfield since September. Despite the heaps of content in this RPG, players who have spent hundreds of hours are bound to feel worn out at some point.

This is where the mods come in, ensuring that players can continue to enjoy the RPG for many more hours, adding more value to the game.

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