Starfield Mod Enables Seamless Travel From Planet To Planet

But Landing On Planets Still Not Possible!

After years of anticipation, Bethesda has finally arrived with its massive sci-fi RPG, Starfield. The game has received an incredible reception from users, gaining over 10 million players in less than a month.

Starfield has received praise for its compelling ship combat, exploration, and more. However, the game falls behind titles like No Man’s Sky when it comes to seamless space exploration.

Many felt that the game suffered due to a lack of seamless space travel, but a mod has addressed the issue, allowing players to seamlessly travel to different planets.

Why it matters: Space traversal is technically viable in Starfield, but the ship moves much slower than needed. As such, it would require hours to travel to a new planet without the use of mods.

Modder 105gun has come up with ‘Slower Than Light,’ a mod that allows players to travel much faster than the speed of light.

Since the game already permits players to travel from planet to planet at a sluggish pace, the mod makes traversal between plants without fast travel a viable option, leading to a seamless experience reminiscent of games like No Man’s Sky.

Previously, many players complained about the excessive use of loading screens in Starfield. While they are used at several points, one of the common points of loading comes from travel between planets.

Therefore, the mod addresses a major criticism of the game.


Unfortunately, Starfield’s mechanics do not allow landing on the planet without the inevitable loading screen, but this may be addressed in a new mod or future iteration of Slower Than Light.

Due to the mod’s nature of going against the core game mechanics, it can lead to a few visual bugs once players reach speeds that are considered too fast. Players are also required to slow down when approaching planets to allow them to load.

Nonetheless, this is an ambitious first step towards complete freedom in exploration.

Apart from Slower Than Light, modders have added DLSS to the game. Starfield also supports higher resolution textures following the Starfield HD Reworked Project 1.0. Such mods highlight Starfield’s strong modding community and their ambitions.

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