Michael Voice Actor Reiterates GTA 6 Will Be Worth The Wait

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GTA 5 Was Worth It & GTA 6 Will Be Too!

Ever since its announcement back in February, GTA 6 has become the subject of intense anticipation, attracting fans from all around the world.

The studio has confirmed the development of the next Grand Theft Auto game, leading to high expectations after the massive success of GTA 5, which has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Ned Luke, the voice actor for Michael from GTA 5, has recently shared a message on this special occasion. He has once again reassured fans, claiming that GTA 6 will be worth the wait.

Why it matters: GTA 5 has marked the longest lifespan of any Grand Theft Auto entry to date. Therefore, the GTA fanbase has begun to feel impatient, hoping for a new release as soon as possible.

Ned Luke took to social media, thanking the fans for their support over the lifespan of GTA 5. He then poked fun at the anticipation surrounding GTA 6, claiming that only half of that lifespan was spent over questions about the next game.

The voice actor further said:

“Patience guys, it will be worth the wait, trust me. Five was worth the wait, six is gonna be even more worth the wait.”

This is not the first time the iconic voice actor has made this statement, as he said the same thing when curious fans asked him about a new game on social media recently.

While there has been no information about Ned Luke’s involvement in GTA 6, his role as a main character in GTA 5 could lead to a cameo or callback for the game in the upcoming entry.

Ned Luke’s statement would also make sense if Rockstar Games continues its solid track record with the franchise, delivering a title that sets new standards for visuals, gameplay, and narrative in the industry.

GTA 6 Concept Trailer
GTA 6 Unreal Engine 5 Concept

Additionally, GTA 6 is no longer a massive secret. After a series of leaks, several details about the game were made public last year, and the leak also provided a glimpse at gameplay videos.

GTA 6 has been in development for at least eight years and is still a long way from release. Take-Two has hinted towards an April 2024-March 2025 release window, but the wait could be worth it if Rockstar Games lives up to its caliber.

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