GTA 6 Will Be Worth The Wait, Claims GTA 5 Actor

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"Gonna Be Worth The Wait!"

It has almost been a decade since GTA 5 was released. The 10th anniversary of this iconic Grand Theft Auto entry is just weeks away, and fans are hoping for a GTA 6 teaser to celebrate this occasion.

GTA 6 is the most anticipated Rockstar Games release, but little is known about the game. The studio officially confirmed the development of the project last year, but no official announcement has been made since.

This has led to restlessness among fans of the series, and one such fan recently took to Instagram, asking Ned Luke, the voice actor of Michael De Santa in GTA 5, about the game. He replied and said that GTA 6 would be worth the wait.

Why it matters: Grand Theft Auto is massive and the most successful Rockstar Games IP to date. The series has also been known for record-breaking and genre-defining releases.

GTA 6 Worth The Wait
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Ned Luke recently shared a message from a fan appreciating his work in GTA 5. The actor brought the role of Michael De Santa to life, which immediately earned praise from millions of fans.

Unsurprisingly, his post attracted fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and one fan commented about GTA 6. The fan appeared restless and claimed that millions of gamers just want to play the next iteration of the IP already.

Ned Luke replied:

“Gonna be worth the wait.”

It is unknown for now whether the voice actor is involved in GTA 6, but he may have heard rumblings about the title from people in the industry.

On the other hand, the voice actor may have made the statement judging from the quality of GTA 5, believing that Rockstar Games would deliver another solid release for the open-world franchise.

The CEO of Take-Two previously claimed that Rockstar Games is aiming for perfection with GTA 6. Going by the CEO’s word, the developer may be working on something special, which would be worth the wait, as Ned Luke suggested.

Niko Bellic

As stated earlier, Rockstar Games has not revealed much about GTA 6. However, a series of leaks from last year revealed various details about the setting, characters, and gameplay mechanics.

In addition to multiple playable characters, GTA 6 is expected to feature mechanics like dynamic hair growth from previous Rockstar Games titles.

While GTA 6 does not have a rough release date, the title draws nearer with each passing day.

The CEO of Take-Two has pointed to an April 2024- March 2025 release multiple times, hinting that the Grand Theft Auto franchise will return in less than two full years.

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