Starfield Leak Reveals 45-60FPS At 1440p High Graphics on RTX 2080 Ti

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Ryzen 3800X CPU And FSR Also Enabled!

Starfield, Bethesda’s highly-anticipated space RPG, is set to launch on September 6. However, the game is due in just two days for early-access users.

With the launch just days away, leaks have begun to spread like wildfire all over the internet. One such leak has shed light on an aspect many have been curious about, the game’s PC performance.

According to the leaked information, Starfield averages around 45-60FPS at 1440p high settings using a Ryzen 7 3800X and GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Why it matters: 2023 has not been kind to PC gaming, with various studios recently releasing poor ports for the platform, which also led to concerns about Starfield on the platform.

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The leaker has provided an image of the settings used to test Starfield. According to the leaker, the FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0 was enabled during the test.

In less demanding scenarios, such as dungeons and space exploration, this system manages to maintain a commendable 60-70fps. However, a seamless experience at native 1440p may require an even more powerful PC.

This demonstrates Starfield’s intensive requirements, which is likely why the studio decided to implement a 30FPS frame rate lock for the Xbox Series S|X consoles. Unfortunately, the leak did not reveal any specific details about CPU or GPU usage statistics.

Therefore, it remains unclear whether the frame drops are caused by a GPU or CPU bottleneck. Judging from the leak, graphics cards like the GeForce RTX 3070 are required to enjoy Starfield at 1440p.

Still, users looking for the desirable locked 60FPS experience might need even more powerful hardware for the best results.

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Despite the variable frame rate, the leak suggests that the gameplay ran smoothly without significant stutters. This leak also corroborates prior information about minimal bugs in Starfield.

This is encouraging for players hoping for a seamless experience in Starfield’s universe, but performance may differ in the final product due to the nearly 14GB upcoming day one patch.

Like all leaked information, it is essential to be cautious and wait for further benchmarks. With the early access launching on September 1, more reliable insight into Starfield’s performance will soon be available.

In the lead-up to its release, Starfield has generated immense excitement among the fans. The leaked performance data, while promising, leaves room for further optimization of the game.

Bethesda’s collaboration with AMD to optimize the game for PC indicates its dedication to providing a smooth PC gaming experience, and fans can only hope the final product delivers an experience worth remembering.

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