CORSAIR Scimitar Elite Wireless For MMO Gaming Now Available

Mouse Designed For MMO Gaming!

[Press Release] More and more PC gamers are quickly transitioning toward wireless peripherals. In addition to peripherals like keyboards and headphones, wireless mice are among the most popular additions to modern PC setups, and the CORSAIR Scimitar Elite wireless mouse is one such offering for fans of MMO games.

CORSAIR has included as many as 16 customizable buttons on the mouse, allowing players to carry out multiple commands with minimal effort. A textured side grip and ergonomic shape also ensure players can enjoy long MMO sessions.

The CORSAIR Scimitar Elite follows a line of gaming mice already well-known for their MMO gaming performance.

However, the new iteration improves upon its predecessors through the option of wireless connectivity. To ensure the best possible experience, this connectivity does not come with the caveat of worse latency.

1-ms SlipStream Wireless or Bluetooth technology ensures that latency remains uncompromised in the transition to wireless technology. CORSAIR also includes a massive battery that offers up to 150 hours of usage.

In addition to the 12 customizable buttons, players can save three custom profiles for the Scimitar Elite. These profiles can be instantly switched to allow for more versatile playstyles and experiences.

CORSAIR’s ultra-precise Marksman 26K DPI optical sensor also provides impeccable and precise movements, allowing players to aim spells and attacks with immense freedom and accuracy.

This feature set makes the CORSAIR Scimitar Elite the ultimate gaming mouse for competitive and casual MMO gaming. The mouse is now available for purchase, being sold through the CORSAIR website and popular online distributors.

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