GTA 5 To Celebrate 10th Anniversary In Just Over One Month

Fingers Crossed For GTA 6 Teaser On Anniversary!

Despite its age, GTA 5 is arguably one of the best open-world games. Rockstar Games’ excellent work on the title has ensured that it sold over 180 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling games in the industry.

With the industry anticipating Rockstar Games’ next record-breaking entry, the franchise has come into the spotlight. In addition to the highly-anticipated reveal drawing closer, GTA 5 is quickly approaching its 10th anniversary.

Why it matters: GTA 5 has been the most successful title for the studio, and this could lead to massive plans for the approaching anniversary.

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The gameplay reveal is already over a decade old, but it pales in comparison to the impact of the full release.

GTA 5 became a global hit upon release on September 17, extending beyond the gaming industry. Its success made it one of the biggest releases in entertainment history, rivaling popular films and TV shows.

This should also mean that the 10th anniversary of GTA 5 will be a significant moment for Rockstar Games. The developer may celebrate the event in various ways, thanking the fans for tagging along on this incredible journey.

While nothing has been confirmed, fans have already begun to speculate a potential teaser for GTA 6 on the latest iteration’s 10th anniversary. Take-Two has already hinted at a 2024 or 2025 release window, so a small tease in 2023 does not sound too far-fetched.

In traditional Rockstar Games fashion, fans can also expect a message from the developer and a few in-game presents for players to celebrate the occasion.

GTA 5 was considered a technical achievement for its time, and it has already been nearly ten years since the game’s release. Similarly,  GTA 6 will likely prove to be another technical marvel, and it could break the internet, with the studio reportedly aiming for perfection.

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